Saturday, 13 June 2009

Pasta De Gohan (Sunway Pyramid)

The name Gohan reminds me of the son of Son Goku from the Mutiara Naga (BM version of Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama). Hence, its kinda weird to relate it to pasta...coz when i see the name, Kame Hame Ha and Gelombang Jiwa comes into my mind...haha

However, decided to try it after passing by so many times while shopping at Sunway Pyramid..

I expected to be pay a premium for the pastas there when i step into the restaurant...
However, to my suprise...theres actually discount for meal sets up to 30%-50%(only applicable in the afternoon if im not mistaken)...and it was a darn good deal..

So, i proceeded to the orders and found out that items listed in the menu are quite unique from the conventional italian pastas...this is kinda like a hybrid of pasta with an ummph of japanese influence since its named after Son Goku's son...

Fish Roe with Potato baked in cheese

Chesse Pasta with Grilled Pork Strips

Pasta pan fried with mini chicken cutlets

Overall, it was quite satisfying especially the super rich cheese they used in the baked dishes

However, the richness of the cheese has overpowered other natural taste that should complement each other on the platter...

Rating 6/10

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