Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Kinnaree Thai Restaurant

Here, the Strawberry Bing exploring one of the Thailand restaurant named Kinnaree Thai Restaurant.. It is located in second floor of the Jaya 1 center (above the BBQ Chicken Restaurant)..

The Interior design of this restaurant brings the relaxing environment and homely feel..

PEPPERMINT INFU - refillable (RM 5.50)
Tea that feels like drinking Colgate toothpaste.. But it's depend on people, some people likes it so much..

KINNAREE INFU - refillable (RM 5.50)
It feels like drinking Chinese's Potato Sweat Drink.. I think children like it..

TOM YAM TALAY - 1 person (RM 14)
It is so sour and you can decide whether you want it normal, spicy or more spicy.. It contains a muscle, a prawn, a slice of fish and 2 cutter fishs..

The paste is green in colour (might contain of pandan leaf and coconut milk) and the taste is better than the Mmarinate amak stall curry.. The chicken slices are soft and marinated that makes you want to keep on eat the second pieces..

YAM PHAK BUNG KR (RM 14)It is Kai Lan vegetable that fried with flour and comes with some walnuts, meat paste and prawns. Feels like eating Tempura..

The only thing that I felt is not reasonable is the rice costs RM 3 per bowl, EXPENSIVE..

I do love the eating environment there and it is suitable for couples to been there..

Foods 4/5
Environment 4/5
Services 4/5
Price 3/5
Hygiene 4/5

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Eddie Lim said...

always want to try it but no chance....kinnaree restaurant always remind me of phuket funtasea buffet....because same restaurant name....jeje