Sunday, 28 June 2009

3 Colour Tea & 3 Colour Coffee

If my memory serve me right, 3 Colour Tea is Sabah specialty and 3 Colour Coffee is Sarawak specialty. I got opportunity to drink them during my audit assignment to Sabah and Sarawak. The taste is so different from normal tea and coffee, not only tasty, but rich in aroma.

Recently, I discover a shop in Cahaya that sell these two refreshing drinks, i.e. Medan Selera Cahaya 218. This "shop" is a chinese food court not far from Cahaya LRT station. They actually get this product from a distributor A One. So I think there are many other shops start selling these drinks too.

Let's not waste time, here is the legendary 3 colour tea:

As you can see from the picture, the top layer is tea, which is the main part of the drink, then the middle yellowish colour is condensate milk, and finally the bottom part is the key to the whole thing - coconut sugar. So, instead of normal sugar or milk, this drink use coconut sugar. However, the authentic 3 colour tea added wheat grass juice as well. The taste is normal tea, but it come with strong aroma of wheat grass and coconut. It's hard to describe or imagine the taste, so why not take it a try???

The next one would be 3 colour coffee:

What's the different? Of cause, the differences other than the name, the taste is different too. For me, 3 colour coffee taste is not as good as 3 colour tea. The authentic 3 colour coffee at Sarawak is very nice, I can still remember the aroma very well. Oh ya, at Sarawak, they not call it 3 colour coffee, they call it Coffee Special. You can almost drink it in any shops there.

This is a truth fusion of local and western, doesn't it? Both tea and coffee are brought to Malaysia under British command. Now this recipe is mix with our very own local coconut sugar. I call this an international sign of drink. hahaha...

If you wanna try it at Medan Selera Cahaya 218, one glass of 3 colour coffee or 3 colour tea is only RM2.20. Besides a nice drink, there are many delicious delicacy here as well, which I will post them soon.

Here my verdict:
3 colour tea
(colour = 9, taste = 9, aroma = 8, texture = 9, environment = 7)
TOTAL = 8.4 / 10.0

3 colour coffee
(colour = 8.5, taste = 8.5, aroma = 8, texture = 8.5, environment = 7)
TOTAL = 8.1 / 10.0

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