Sunday, 14 June 2009

Restoran Sifu ( Mahkota Cheras)

This restaurant was previously established selling solely "lap mei" chicken/ duck, egg, pork instestines etc, soaked in a dark soy broth for an aged effect and to make it tastier...the demand was poor...

Fearing that the business might not last, the boss reworked the menu and came out with some really good dishes to whet our insatiable appetite...and the results was an instant hit, filled with customers to the brink during dinner

located just opposite the Mahkota Cheras mini lakegarden + children's playground, the view is perfect during the evening when childrens and adults filled the playground and jogging path...

Anyway, lets come back to the food...
The presentation of the dishes there are quite unique..

Tofu + Egg on hot plate

Fish fillet + crispy chicken skin + kung pow chicken dices

Honey marmite pork ribs

Sambal Kangkung (very crunchy)

Fish in soysauce cooked in a huge claypot - this has the best presentation whereby the waiter takes the claypot still covered, then poured fresh onions etc. and then mixed it before serving

To wrap it up, the Unique presentation caught my attention, the taste of the dishes are "ngam ngam ho"(all dishes complements each other),

Bonus:Nice view of the park

Result: 7.5/10 (0.5 is for the view..haha)

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