Sunday, 14 June 2009

Boutique Cafe (Opposite Asia Cafe-Subang Jaya)

At first glance, it looks like a normal boutique selling ladies dresses and providing Fish Spa service.
However, a closer look reveals that theres more to the boutique. Sets of tables and chairs in the shop resembled a restaurant. It is unique+artistic, so we decided to try the food they serve..

However, when we step into this boutique + restaurant + fish spa, theres a confusion caused as it is not a norm to have a meal, surrounded by dresses, or even when ur feet is being nibbled by little fishes..

The reality sink in when we sat in the restaurant.
First, there are two fish spa area where you can hav ur meal while having the spa at the same time...However, one of it is dry, whereas the other is contaminated.
Second, there are lots of mosquitoes started to attack with vengeance when they saw us
Third, the ambiance is not so sophisticated afterall, when closer look is taken, it feeels more like an abandoned boutique with few tops being displayed...

Spaghetti Carbonara with a garlic bread
It was rather dry and carbonara sauce is actually normal mushroom soup from the can, without cheese. We had to request for it to be cooked for a second round with more gravy so that it will resemble a carbonara, instead of olio.

Iced Coffee
When its served, i thought it was a cola, but when tasted, it is indeed coffee with the absence of milk in it. The taste was rather unique, but not as satisfying as our usual coffee shop "kopi ping". It is also rather expensive.

Sandwich set
Nothing special, normal bread with tuna fillings and coleslaw + fries
The person who ate it got sick the next day due to food poisoning(mayb the tuna is not fresh)

Fish Fillet
All the others choose Fish Fillet set which seems delicious from the menu. It tastes and looks nice, but the side dishes that comes with it is mediocre.

Pros: Have a nice store concept, but didnt upkeep.

Cons: Sandwich is not fresh, price is on the high side

Result: 4.5/10 ( o.5 is deducted from the bad sandwich and abandoned fish spa)


zheQuan said...

Hey man hw are u doing...
damn geng har post so many stuffs...
when i am back must catch up with u all

Eddie Lim said...

zhe quan...u should post some food from singapore as well la....since u always so bored, take part in this blog ma....hehe

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