Monday, 18 January 2010

Shanghai 10 @ Genting

Everytime I go to Genting, I found our the food there tasteless and not worth the money. Thus I always opt for fastfood there.

This time around, I saw a new restaurant in the middle of Genting Times Square name Shanghai 10. Thus we try it out.

Lets make it quick and as summarize as possible

Fried bean curb skin...Normal taste...How good if there is sweet sauce to accompany this starter

Xiao Long Pau....Taste wise is just mediocre but the thin layer of skin is strong enough to ensure the soup is not leak out. Well, you know there is a lot of dissapointment when eat Xiao Long Pau at outside stall....But I still think Dragon-i Xiao Long Pau is the best...

3 type of La Mien (crab roe, duck, and normal)

Come with side dish of braised peanut, jellyfish and cucumber

Snow Jelly Drink

Avocado paste dim sum - Sweet in the inside bland on the outside

Sugarcane drink - Sweet and refreshing but too pricy for the small portion

Mango Sago Lo Lo - As cold as Genting....hehe

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Restaurant Clan

Everytime I pass by Sri Petaling, my friend will tell me that Sri Petaling is famous for dim sum. When I ask him what is nice, he will just keep silent. After some research in few famous food blog, I decided to drop by at Restaurant Clan with 'Piggy J' and 'Cili Padi' after our tiring trip to Genting. Actually Piggy J wanted dim sum since he missed dim sum in Genting

Restaurant Clan is famous for some reason. One of it is due to its Kai Wo Pau (Chicken Nest Bun). No all dim sum place in KL or PJ serve this in their menu and thus it was a must to order food here.

Kai Wo Pau is actually Pau filled with Lo Mai Kai (Chicken Glutinous Rice). Just imagine an hot Lo Mai Kai been inside the fluffy Pau pastry. The glutinous rice is very soft and aromatic. A good aroma of 'hua tiau' wine can be smell as soon as the waiter serve the Kai Wo Pau onto our table. The filling include chicken, button mushroom, glutionous rice, char siew and most importantly the salted egg york. So sinful but very very delicious. The fluffy bun absorb the gravy from all the ingredient....Thumb up...

We also order other dim sum such as Chee Chong Fun, Harkau, Siewmai, Lalamai, beancurb skin roll and peithanmai (century egg dimsum). The Chee Chong Fun with char siew turn up to be thick and warm. I will prefer it to be serve hot. Same goes to Harkau as the skin have harden and do not taste as nice as it suppose to be. Other dim sum is 'so so' and nothing to shout about.

Conclusion, I would prefer if all the dim sum been served hot as it would taste nicer. The price is average but there is much room for improvement in term of the dim sum. Service is good but not so friendly as they seem as if they wanted to chase away the customer after eating to let other customer to occupied the table.

One advice for people who wanted to go there....Please go early as there is limited parking and the table is usually full during weekend.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ma Lat Lou Kitchen - Episode 2

Being a bachelor, I am use to live in a lonely world. Sometime I get lazy to even go out to 'ta pao' for lunch.

Well, is lunch time and there is nothing much available. I prefer not to cook Maggi Mee either thus I explore what I have in the freezer and try to cook whatever I have.

Well, I have some leftover mince meat, vegetable, lotsa sausages, egg and some prawn....Quite a good ingredient for fried mee or mee hoon. I explore the dry kitchen to see any mee hoon available in the cabinet. Yes....there is...

Guys, this is my ma lat lou way of cooking fried mee hoon.


Mince Pork
2 sausages
2 eggs
Some green vege
mee hoon
some salt and pepper
soy sauce
corn flour


1. Soak the mee hoon and vege in some plain water
2. De-freeze the sausage and prawn
3. Marinate the mince pork with soy sauce, pepper and corn flour
4. Heat the wok and fry the egg. Then fry the sliced sausages

5. Take both egg and sausages out and fry the mince pork with garlic for 2 minutes

6. Put in the prawn and put some water to boil it
7. Add in the mee hoon and put some salt and pepper for flavoring. You may add thick soy sauce to blacken it
8. Here come the difficult part...Fry the mee hoon with big fire....haha..

9. Add in the fry egg and sliced sausages....
10. Enjoy....

oh...dun forget to switch on the filter fan to suck out all the smoke....else u have difficulty cleaning up your kitchen....wahahaha

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar @ Klang

Few days back, my department have a farewell party for one of the longest surviving colleague that manage to sail through the high and low of my department. Well, to survive in our department is not an easy task but on the same time quite fun to have crazy colleague in difficult time. Conclusion, all of us manage to sail through the worst time of all.

To send off this cute little gal who is flying off to US very soon, we decided to go to Monte’s after some push by one of my colleague.

Monte’s originated from Bangsar and has one branch in Klang. Not much people know about this branch. My colleague told me that they serve same menu but with different price…Hope she didn’t conned me on that information…I try to Google© the restaurant name but 99% of it was related to Bangsar Shopping Complex. I bet the Klang branch wasn’t that famous after all.

Well, we order quite a lot of food. Let have the list rolled:

Mushroom Soup
It was very yummy and creamy. Just perfect with the toasted French loaf.

2 sets of Pumpkin Soup (come with my lunch set)

The texture of the soup was quite well done but I regretted that the chef have over salted the soup

Simply Grilled Fish
The name simply grilled is quite funny as most of us is trying to make fun of the name and guessing how badly would the grilled fish came out. Thank god it come out ‘simple and nice’. The chips was big, and the dory fish was fresh and cook to perfection. I love the salad too...

4 sets of garlic butter grilled fish
I have to say that the garlic butter grilled fish came out the same as my simply grilled fish except it was topped with garlic butter sauce. I could smell the sauce from a far but my colleague commented that the taste is as par as Manhattans Fish Market.

Prawn and Fish Combo
Another staff, a prawn lover chooses the Prawn and Fish Combo. The fish was tender and juicy but the prawn was just OK. Nothing to shout about.

Grilled lamb
I believe it was so so since my food taster didn't say anything after her meal. But she was quite satisfied after all

Grilled chicken..
Erm...I believe it was tasty...Well, why not you try it out?

2 set of Mixed Grill
The portion of mixed grill was quite small compare to other restaurant but it was just good for one person. Serve with grill lamb, chicken, sausages, egg and side dish of chip and boiled vegetable

Mixed Nachos
Look delicious but I didn't try it as I was quite full...

Total burn for the session is RM255.30. Considering meal for 9 persons, I would say it was worth every single cent we spent. The pricing is reasonable and serving portion is also quite generous. Ambiance was OK but I believe the one in Bangsar Shopping Complex could offer a better atmosphere.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Fu @ USJ Taipan

Well, if you ask me what my first meal was in 2010, my answer is Yong Tau Fu....My favorite food of all...

I stop by at USJ Taipan after almost 20 hours of self famine....Well, I was actually on the way to pick Piggy J and 'cili padi' to Genting and we decided to stop by for a quick lunch a.k.a. tea time.

We decided to settle down at Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Fu at 4.30pm which really tell us why the whole shop is quite empty. Only 3 tables is occupied and plenty of table is left empty.

Piggy J decided to go for Set A, Meal for 3-4 person that cost RM 47.00

The set come with:
10 pieces of Yong Tau Fu (to be selected by customer)
5 pieces of fried dumplings
5 soupy dumplings
2 Assam Fish
4 pandan chicken wings
And medium green vege to balance up the diet.

Well, for Yong Tau Fu, we settle down with one stuffed chilli, 2 stuffed lady finger, 3 fried bean curb, 3 fried 'yau tiou', and one fried stuffed tau fu pok.
The Yong Tau Fu is ok but cannot compete with the original tasty Yong Tau Fu in Ampang or Puchong.

The fried dumpling and soupy dumpling is nothing to shout about. The soup was plain and bland. There are rooms for improvement for the soupy dumpling.

The Assam Fish tastes more like Tomato sauce fish. I was expecting something spicier and sour but it turn out to be sweet!! It would be nicer if the fish is hot rather than warm…Well, more chilli and lime is what I hope they can do!!

Pandan Chicken Wing is delicious. It was well marinated and the aroma of pandan leave leave a kick into this dishes. However, the serving for the chicken wing was a little too cold for my enjoyment. It would be nice if it was just out from the wok.

The lettuce was fresh, crunchy and sweet. Well, it was perfect dish to cool down the over heated fried food.

Overall, the food was nice and reasonable priced. There are a lot of choices of yong tau fu to choose from. The only setback is the food is rather cold and not as tasty as the original ampang yong tau fu!!!

Friday, 1 January 2010

SourPuss Café @ Esplanade

On behalf of HarKau SiewMai, wishing all readers a very HaPPy NeW YeAr, Best Wishes, Good Health and Incredible Success for 2010!

4 hours before the arrival of 2010, managed to drop by Esplanade, Singapore for dinner. Esplanade is something like “2 durians “located along Marina Bay, close to the Singapore River. Inside the durians comprised of concert halls and theatres for art performance. In short it’s a theatre on the bay.
After exploring a while ended up in SourPuss Café. The cafe seems small inside, yet they have varieties of food ranging from western burgers, pasta to satay and ikan bakars. The mushroom chicken pasta seems ordinary nothing special, but the marinara pasta seems superb. Marinara pasta is seafood pasta filled with prawns. Don’t really have a picture of it, but the aroma and display of the marinara pasta were terrific.

Other than that, the ikan bakar sambal was equally good as well. The portion of ikan bakar was big and fresh. On top of that the sambal tastes delicious, sweet and spicy. So, if you cant take hot and spicy, yet wanting to try this. Remember to inform that you want it to be less spicy.

The place is nice for chillout, in normal days it should be quiet and peaceful. Nearby the cafe there is a perfect view to river side. Average spending per person is about SGD 13-15. It locates at 1st floor of Esplanade Mall... The speed of food serving is slow may be it was full house that day. Overall, great.