Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sakura Kristal @ Setia City Mall

Lately I have been hanging out with my friend in Setia City Mall and I found one eating place which is quite good...Sakura Kristal...

Initially I thought they serve Japanese food as the word sakura have mistakenly been intepreted as Japanese to me. However I was shock that they serve variety fusion food from Chinese to perakanan and even western.

I have been hanging out there for twice and they are doing a 50% discount on some of their food in conjunction with their opening in Setia City Mall.

On my firs visit, we order the Signature Peranakan Seafood Curry, Bangkok 'Khaw Pat'and Mango Chicken.

Our drink - Barley Lime, Ribena Fizzy and Sirap Bandung.

The Signature Peranakan Seafood Curry taste really good on our first visit. The aroma is so good and tempting that we finish all the gravy. It goes well with rice and the seafood is fresh. Serving is also huge enough for sharing.

The Thai Fried Rice or they call it Bangkok Khaw Pat is really value for money consider we enjoy 50% off from the original price of RM 9. You hardly get a plate of fried rice outside that cost less than RM 5 nowadays. Not to forget the generous portion and fresh prawn cook to perfection. Lot of 'wok hei' too.

The mango chicken also taste good. Sweet and sour in taste serve with chuncky lean chicken meat, this portion is for those who like healthy food for a twist. I would prefer more sauce for the chicken. Anyway it taste good overall.

On my second visit, I have a family dinner with my mom and dad as well as my sister. We order almost the same food as I am craving for the Signature Peranakan Seafood and Mango Chicken. As my mom like bringal, I order Uncle Bringal serve with their special sauce and My sister opt for Indonesia treasure.

The uncle Bringal (sorry for the bad picture) was good. The bringal is fried to perfection with the special sauce. In deed very special and nice. No complaint from my mom who is very fussy on food.

The Indonesia treasure is fried rice serve with fried chicken and keropok. Another good serving but I dont really taste this much as I am busy with my curry.

I will for sure go back again for more curry next round.....I get to know they have few other branch so you guys can try it out. The food is nice and is reasonably priced.