Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nadeje Mille Crepe - Revisited

Lately there is new item of 'must eat' in Malacca besides from its chicken rice ball, ice kacang durian and satay celup.

The new things is mille crepe cake from Nadeje...

Nadeje situated few door beside Ming satay hut that sell pork satay. Nadeje is a nice place to chill with comfortable sofa and nice cup of coffee...The crepe cake was nicely done and wasnt too sweet.

During our trip 4 of us order 2 slices of original crepe cake, 1 slice of mango crepe cake and 1 slice of chocolate crepe cake. Just see how many layers of crepe and creme per cake...


Feeling not enough, we even breing back to KL, 17 slices of crepe cakes. We have no choice but to put into huge vacuum bag with lot of ice as crepe cake must be stored in cold environment. Not to forget crepe cake tend to lost the taste if it was not consume within 24 hours.

Other favourite of crepe cakes include green tea, rum raisin, and tiramisu.

If you like to chill for a while, enjoy a cup of coffee of your liking...

Wala....what a day