Saturday, 13 June 2009

Fireman Steamboat BBQ ( Jaya One )

my first encounter with this style of steamboat dates back to 3 years ago when i had a buffet sushi package for lunch in the japanese restaurant located at the upmost level of Sungei Wang(with a trademark train used to revolve its sushis)

It was interesting at first coz the upper part will be used to grill meat while the part below is similar to traditional steamboat where u can just throw in literally anything and wait for it to cook....

However, it turned out to be an unpleasant meal coz all the butter used to grill the meat and the charred residue will eventually fall into the broth, creating an unpleasant dark broth...anyway, the restaurant is not related to this post as i will introduce Fireman BBQ Steamboat today..

I found out that they were having promotion at RM 19.90 per person for buffet dinner...seems like a good deal since the price is slashed from the original price of RM 29.90 per person

The ambiance was quite relaxing with clear flow of fresh air and humidifiers, which is important since its an indoor steamboat restaurant and u wouldnt want the customers to complain about the hot and stuffy air inside...

Customer service was meagre coz the waiters are all foreigners, and only one speaks simple english, hence there are communication breakdowns...However, i presume u dont need waiters with good command of english since customers will just need to tick on the leaflets and pass it to them for more servings of food..

The restaurant uses electric stove instead the gas stove, hence, safer and lesser heat generated...

When the grilling and cooking session started, there was a sence of dreadfulness due to my previous experience of the dark and oily broth...
However, after dozens of chicken cutlerts, pork ham, etc are grilled, the broth still remains clear...This may be attributed to the use of a piece of pig fat to oil the grilling part, Hence, substituting the butter while minimizing charrs during the grilling process..

Theres also a performance by the "fireman"

Chicken grilled was quite tender which results in melt in ur mouth sensation

Varieties of other vegetables and meat related products offered

Saw that piece of pig fat on top?? Very useful for grilling + substitues butter

Pros: Nice ambiance/refreshing, the broth stays clear from charred residues, performance by Mr Fireman

Cons: Lack of variety of dishes (felt bored after requesting for same dishes over and over again), poor communication skills by employees

Result: 5/10

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