Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A trip to Tanjung Sepat - Part 1 (Restoran Ocen)

This restaurant is located just beside the Lover's Bridge of Tanjung Sepat. Since its also used as a jetty for fisherman to unload their catch of the day, you can be ensured of the freshest catch available to be served to you..

I firstly did not hav much expectation because the restaurant looks just like a typical kampung restaurant which i presume will only produce dishes that are so-so...

However, im totally wrong...the dishes that thay served tasted better than many of the seafood restaurants i've frequented in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya

Restaurant Ocen is the wooden shack located just beside the entrance of Lover's Bridge (see the shack on the right side of the bridge at the far end? This picture is taken from the end of the brige towards the land)

At the end of the jetty is where fisherman fills in their catch into large plastic containers and will be collected by sellers via motorcycle.
The Lover's Bridge, viewed from Restoran Ocen
Fried Squid
The most recent encounter with this dish is from Lala Chong. The squid from Lala Chong is mushy and lost it's springy texture of the squid. But this time, it did not let me down. The squid is crispy outside, fresh and springy inside.
Claypot Curry Fish
This is another dish that surpassed my expectation. The curry at fist, looks diluted. But a taste of it says the opposite. It is full of flavor ranging from spicy, to sweet, to a lil sour(from lemon zest).Hence, its really good if served with white rice.
Claypot Tofu (aka Taufu Kang)
This is another signature dish of Restoran Ocen. The consistency of its gravy/soup remains very well and do not turn into water. Add some vinegar and there you go, a nice bowl of Taufu Kang.
Fried Kangkung with Belachan
The kangkung tasted very fresh and the texture is crunchy, much more crunchy than the everage kang kung. The belachan that is fried with this kangkung provided it with and extra kick when its eaten hot...

Pros: Nice tasting and fresh seafood, price quite reasonable (only 61 ringgit for everything)

Cons: Located beside of the jetty and muddy planes, hence, the seabreeze usually brings some unpleasant smell from the semi dry swamp.

Result: 8.5/10 ( If u dine in the night, it could score 9 coz the sea level will rise and no more stenched smell, while enjoying the sound of waves when ur having ur dinner)


georgetan86 said...

looks very delicious... this is how many people portion?

Eddie Lim said...

yen thoong like kangkung so much yo.....can compare which kangkung is the best dy...

chuayt said...

6 person man, can so full after the meal....stay tuned coz there will be part 2

georgetan86 said...

RM61 for 6 ppl??? this is great deal... kinda hard to find tasty and affordable foods nowadays...