Friday, 26 June 2009

Ampang vs Puchong Yong Tau Fu

I still remember when I was young my friend use to tease me as Yong Tau Fu because my name have the word ‘yong’. I love Yong tau fu and I eat it almost once in every week.

I come to know 2 places famous for Yong Tau Fu which is Ampang and Puchong…Which one is your favorites?

~~~Ampang Yong Tau Fu~~~

Say Ampang, one will remember of its Yong Tau Fu…

In Ampang there is 4 shops all together selling Yong Tau Fu. Each calls themselves the best. For me, I always go to the last shop near the community hall. The seller communicates with the kitchen staff using microphone and sometime you can even hearing them quarrel over the microphone.

Ampang Yong Tau Fu is fresh and less soupy. Just order according to the portion you want and they will arrange everything for you. They also have fried dumpling and soup dumpling. For me, I just love both!

~~~Puchong Yong Tau Fu~~~

Puchong Yong Tau Fu is hidden in a small kampong area nearby a school. Frankly I don’t remember much about this area as I was actually on business travel during that time.

One has to pick their own Yong Tau Fu at a corner and they will freshly cook the entire ingredient picked by the customer immediately. The Yong Tau Fu come with a bowl of clear soup. The soup is sweet with all the freshness of fish and vegetable. However the fried stuff are heaty and one can easily get sore throat if eat it immediately after it serve. The taufupok is also been fried as compare to Ampang Yong Tau Fu whereby the taufupok will normally end up in the soup. I frankly feel that the fried Taufupok have loss it sweetness and taste. I get myself sore throat for eating too much fried stuff.

Anyway, both Yong Tau Fu have it own pro and cons. Those who like soupy type can always go to Puchong Yong Tau Fu but always aware to balance fried stuff with the soupy Yong Tau Fu. The Ampang Yong Tau Fu is more fresh, sweet and healthy.

SO what say you? My vote, I still prefer Ampang Yong Tau Fu

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