Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A trip to Tanjung Sepat - Part 2 (Places to visit)

A trip to Tanjung Sepat will never be complete without a visit to the few famous tourist hotspots.
Although the journey takes around 2hours to reach there, but it worth every minute to me as this trip has strengthened my family bonds. Hence, this is a prove that we do not need to spend an enormous amount of money to obtain happiness, and to support local tourism

Please allow me to post some artistic shots taken from the trip...(actually i dont wanna waste the 5 image slots allowed by blogger, so just added 2 more to fill in the space..haha)

Here are the few places that we've visited

Hai Yew Hin
This place produces "pao's" stuffed with a varieties of different ingredients such as "mui choi","pork with half of a fully boiled egg","peanut paste","black sesame paste","mixed vegetable" , and steamed butter bun. These fillings are quite unique and not widely available in Kuala Lumpur.
The process has been machinised since orders have been flowing in non stop after a visit by the "God of Eatery" from Hong Kong (the fat guy that appeared in a lot of food related tv programmes)
The black sesame paste and mixed vegetable at the back
The "mui choi" paste
House wives part time job, this is a small factory but u wont believe that the number of paos they sold per week, especially weekends when a lot of aunty local trips frequent the shop.
See the amount of paos that we bought from there...filled the boot area to the max...1 bag = 6 paos..

Lingzhi Farm
There are many varieties of fungus/mushroom grown in this farm, and you can get different types of fresh or processed mushroom/lingzhi related foodstuff in its shop.
The glaze from these Lingzhis seemed like it has been polished..haha
Oyster Mushroom
Monkey Head Mushroom
Yellow oyster mushroom (looks more like flowers to me)
Dragon Fruit Farm

These fruits are certainly rare in Kuala Lumpur and i have never tasted it before. The boss said its not ripe and will only be harvested 2 weeks after.
So many fresh Dragon Fruits, and you can buy dragon fruit wine from them tastes more like " Whisky + Red wine +a lil bit of Dragon fruit taste" in it...

There are actually lots of pictures that i've missed such as the durian that we ate(very nice and orangee in color), the actual Dragon fruit farm....i dunno why i missed them...but anyway, hope that you guys enjoyed it...

Pros: Fresh fruits and unique paos which tasted not bad

Cons: Each farm are quite a distant away from each other

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