Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fatty Crab @ Taman Megah, Kelana Jaya

The initial plan was Ming Tian Food Court when i made a last minute decision for the craving for Chilli Crabs. Thus, we went to the famous Fatty Crab located behind Ming Tian.
As usual, the place is full, with bunch of peoples sitting outside the restaurant, waiting for tables. The waiter is quite polite actually, making sure that we get a seat while we are waiting. They actually took our orders first.
I was caught by surprise to know that they actually served a very limited choice of dishes. The crabs cost around RM32 per 600++grams, and they are actually only 2 types of cooking method, Steamed or Chilli Crab.
Nearly every table was ordering fried rice, and I actually wonder whether they serve white rice. The chicken wings and Satay can be ordered only after we are seated.
The fragrant smell of the chicken wing is really really good, that I am almost craving for another after having the first, of which I have to admit, above average good.
  The Satay is actually lean meats with very minimal fat, almost none actually.Too healthy for my liking *shame*.
The fried rice seems to be the speciality here, nothing special, but the prawns does taste fresh, and is good enough for above average grading.
And here come the FAMOUS CRAB, with its side kick-the toasted bread.

I would say that the crabs are fresh, and you could feel the texture and its freshness, no complain about the crab at all, even when there were so many bad remarks on serving of bad, dead frozen crabs in many other websites.
But the gravy is a little bit too sour for my liking, although my friend love it to the max, and actually ordered another plate of bread to dip the sauce. Nonetheless, the gravy is good, and very thick too.
The bill came RM98 for 3 person, of which I would say, still acceptable at KL's rate and the quality of food served, with no mistake that the crab actually cost around 75% of the total bill. But fatty crab do live up to its reputation, and I still do wonder, how would the Steamed version will actually taste like.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cafe de Nata, Macau

Macau is famous for its egg tart. As we have a very short trip to Macau, we wanted to find the best available egg tart in Macau town.

Koi Kei Pastry shop is everywhere selling the egg tart and other famous pastries but most review quoted that it was too commercialise and lost the taste of originality. Thus we make our way to Cafe de Nata also known as Cafe de Margeret.

To find this shop, I believe we consulted few locals people and we have lot of problem when communicate with them. The road are all in portugese and the people there speak cantonese. Those portugese word do not directly translated into Cantonese and it was really a big trouble to locate the shop. Anyhow...we manage to find it.

verdict: Yes, definately a much better egg tart compare to those available in Malaysia. The egg is very aromatic. Pastry is thin and crunchy. The egg is so smooth and silky and it is warm despite been kept for sometime.

Really something worth trying.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Goku Raku Ramen

There is new ramen shop in Mid Valley and I decided to try it out the other day.

Famous for it broth which they identify themselves as "ultimate tonkutsu broth'...They even got a page on the menu that teach the patron how to enjoy the broth to the maximum.

When I was there, I had just finish my ultimate gym and I am craving for something filling yet healthy thus I order the tofu salad and their famous ultimate goku raku ramen.

The ramen come first. The aroma of the 48 hours boiling hot broth is so strong but the amount of oil on top of the broth is a turn off. There is leek and garlic oil that make the soup so aromatic. One things I have to admit is I don't really like the broth because it taste too porky. Not to say I am not a fan of pork, I love pork but the aroma was just too strong for my liking. The ramen was OK, springly and hard seem like uncook but bareable. The aromatic eggs turn out to be hard boil egg and nothing to shout about.

A flip through the menu, their char siew seem expensive thus I put a very high standard on the char siew....It turn out to be a piece of pork with thick fat and it was pretty bland. Again the porky taste is turn off.

My friend say maybe I do not know how to enjoy the ultimate broth but she end up admitting the broth aroma is too strong and too oily thought we reminded the waiter we wanted less oily.

Anyway it was a good try and I believe those who really like aromatic and strong taste broth should try it out.

The tofu salad turn out to be good. White chinese tofu is normally bland and taste awful if eat it raw but the salad with sourish dressing turn the salad to be impressive. Worth trying

Anyway....stay by for my Macau HK food posting....Very busy nowadays so no time to post about it....

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gong Cha vs Chatime (Hong Kong)

Recently during my trip to Hong Kong i get to taste both Gong Cha and Chatime...

It give me a good basis to compare to Malaysia version of bubble tea.

Gong Cha: Signature bubble tea with pearl, chocolate with pearl and coffee with caramel.

Verdict: SO good and so rich that 3 of us have imsonia after drinking it. We end up sleepless as the coffee is so rich...Aroma was good but the same problem with the pearl....Too big and too chewy...

Chatime: Mango juice with grass jelly

Verdict: As we arrive just before they close shop, we left with very very little choice. However, the drink is just perfect and refreshing after a long walk whole day.

COnclusion: Gong cha is HK have same standard as Malaysia....while Chatime, I have no conclusion as I didnt manage to taste the same drink to make comparison

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Chatime vs Gong Cha is another hit on town....Years back it was it was bubble tea...

As fiery competition as donut between Big Apple and J.Co, this round competition saw Chatime and Gong Cha running to be the favourite bubble tea in Malaysia...

So here my verdict

Chatime....lot of variety..pearl is nice and chewy

Gong Cha....My vote go to gong cha as the tea is more fragrance and smooth. However the pearl is a bit hard and too chewy for my liking....

Well, those who like bubble tea so advice is you can go ahead with drinking but not too much.....Is still consider a processed beverage where the syrup, milk powder and flavour powder is factory manufactured.....SO....just be moderate

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pastis - The Garden

Been to this place in The Garden call Pastis for tea time set twice in a week. Haha...

Nothing fancy about it but just need to post it here to introduce the tea set.

As you see from the picture, the tea set come with a tower of 3 layers of foods ranging from cakes, sandwishes, creme brulee, tiramisu, chocolate and toasted pizza. It also come with tea or coffee for 2 person. A long list of coffee and tea is available for patron to choose from. Normal tea would be earl tea, breakfast tea, chamomile, peppermint tea and the list go on....

So next time while you are waiting for your girlfriend doing her shopping or to take a rest after a long hour walking across mid valley and the garden, stop by at Pastis - Ground floor of The Garden, opposite Isetan main entrance....

Ding Tai Fung

If my memory never fail me, I had try Ding Tai Fung for 3 times and I never snap photo using my camera before....Yeah, how failure of me...

Anyway, big name no need much to mentions.....Ding Tai Fung serve famous Shanghainese food. Famous for its Xiao Long Boa and La Mien, the restaurant had expended to Malaysia with 3 outles - Pavilion, The Garden and Empire Gallery.

Xiao Long Pau - come with few choices such as normal version or with crab meat.

My favourite food of all - Stewed beandcurd with honey sauce

I order it on all the visit. Is so nice....a good appertiser or as side dishes for your La Mien...

Hot & Sour Soup La Mien - be prepare to have a hot stomach especially you dare enough to put in some hot chilli oil....Is good and sweaty experience!!!

Another food i try before is the pork chop fried rice.
Sorry as there is no photo....However the portion is so huge that it can fit 2-3 person. The fried rice is so so and nothing to shout about. But if you think Xiao Long Bao is not enough for you, a fried rice is just nice for you.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Ayam Betutu

A photographic blog.....too lazy to blog and I have little information about it...

Anyway, it was Ayam Betutu near Nusa Dua, Bali

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dirty Duck Diner

For quack quack is sometime you will like.

One of the Bali must visit restaurant will be Dirty Duck Diner that serve bebek bengil.

Bebek mean duck and Bengil mean crispy...If my interpretation don't fail me ya...hehe

Bebek bengil take a long time to cook thus pre-order for group basis is needed or arrive early to the restaurant. The restaurant is usually full house no matter when you go.

Located in the middle of paddy field and lot of water features and flora around, the restaurant does have 100% Balinese feel.

Back to the duck....The duck was first boil with local herbs for hours before it was taken out for cooling. Before serving the duck will be deep fried to perfection.

Verdict: Crispy. Tender meat. Meat seperated from bone easily and is very juicy. Herb taste maintained. Portion is good for sharing if you cant eat much.

Other food we order : spicy snapper fish and Gado-gado. Their Gado-gado is super nice....

Friday, 20 May 2011

Babi Guling Ibu Oka

Ok....OK......bawa bertenang.....

post ini tidak halal dan tak akan halal sebab saya nak introduce makanan Bali paling famous, paling sedap.....dan paling tak halal....

Tuan tuan dan puan puan.....Babi Guling Ibu Oka

Ok, change back to English because is so inappropriate to use Malay Language in this post!!!

I don't think I need to introduce much about this Babi Guling. In Malaysia we have our very own roasted pig with rough skin just like pimple skin but Bali babi guling skin was crunchy yet smooth.

Coming from the family where produce roasted pig, I know the reason why their skin is not rough like those in Malaysia. The roasted pig in Malaysia was marinated with lot of salt and half way through the baking, the skin will be poke to allow the oil to come out thus leading to all poking area to be expand and become rough....

While that thus not happen in Babi Guling in Bali, one can expect the skin to be crunchy yet chewy and below the skin was thick layer of fat!!! YES FAT!!! A lot of FAT!!! But taste heavenly...

We order Babi Guling Rice that come with rice and babi guling of course. However we are given liver sausage, babi guling skin and meat, vegetables and fried intestine...Well, sound porky right?

Verdict: The meat was juicy but was way too chewy. The reason why it was so chewy is because the seller do not cut the meat against the meat line but was inline with it. Thus it take really a lot of hardwork to chew the meat into smaller pieces. Skin was nice but was fattening while the liver sausage taste horrible. For chinese, we normally add in liquor into liver sausage to put aside the porky smell of liver, but Ibu Oka didn't do that and it end up taste weird.....

Well, in conclusion although the it get bad comment from me, I still believe it was a must try delicacy in Bali.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dewata Cafe, Seafood at Jimbaran Beach

Everyone who is went to Bali or currently planning for Bali would have heard about the expensive Jimbaran Beach Seafood.

Well, we are the victims...Hehe....

But what the point of going to Bali but not enjoying the seaside seafood dinner. Romantic for couple, nice avenue for chit chat for friend gathering trip and also family bonding place if you are having family trip.

There is hundred of restaurant and cafe serving the same Balinese grill seafood in Jimbaran Beach and is up to you to choose your own place. Our driver, Mr Bagus drop us at Dewata Cafe and we was greet with a group of staff who warmly usher us to the beach side. Well, they want our money, no wonder the treatment is so good.

We opt for Package A (initially cost 1.3 million but after negotiationg and make some changes in menu, we get it at price of 1.1 million rupiah)....Ok, the 'million' sound horrible but when convert to RM it was about RM500.

This menu fit for 5 person but since we have 7 person so we already prepared to have a light meal and have another drinking session in hotel later on.

Well, as normal, we as Malaysia Chinese always get discriminated. We waited for about 1 hour and a half but our food wasn't serve yet compare to the 'ah mo' that come so much later than us. But well, Ah mo is so easy to 'chop' compare to we the stingy young malaysian chinese....Well, is OK

7.30pm when the sun already set and hundred of plane had touch down and depart (yes, we can see all plane in and out of Denpasar Airport since Jimbaran Beach is just beside the Airport), our food was finally served.
7 virgin coconut (Haha, define virgin please, this look old to me)

Here come the started, fish soup and salad. The fish soup taste like ajinamoto and pepper soup and the fish is kinda hard. We hadly can identify whether it was fish or chicken.

The salad is too small portion for 7, not to mention that the taste was just 'below restaurant' standard. There is steam potato as well....Sadly forgot to capture the photo. Anyway, this 3 wasn't our main attraction.

The come the greenish kangkung which is obviously overcook. But fine.......fine...we wait and waited for the arrival of our main dish...

Clap clap....tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Presenting the main course:
1.2kg of lobster (i doubt the size)
1.2kg of fish (again the fish taste like chicken...Hard testure)
Clam (OMG, super good. The sauce was awesome)
Fried Calamari (Good. It wasnt crunchy but the testure was nice and not very chewy)
Squid Sate (This is really chewy. Basically it test your gum and teeth stregth)
Grill prawn (Quite generous serving of prawn. It taste good with a bit of hangus taste)
1.2kg crab. (The crab is too small for 1.2kg lo but fresh. Taste really sweet)

Conclusion, the seafood is fresh and as tourist, a life time experience for once is worth it. The total bill come out to be 1.5million rupiah about RM 545 ringgit for 5 person. Is pricy but worth the price we pay, maybe not for now, but for the 2 hours we spend that day. Total satisfaction. If it was Malaysia, sorry I don't think I gonna pay that for a seafood dinner except there is same concept and better venue.