Sunday, 14 June 2009

DucKing Restaurant (Jaya One)

Since Zhe Quan came back to visit us, we decided to find some special and hip place to makan. But in the end, instead of SS2, we ended up in Jaya One Ducking which is a place where families (young to old) goes for their weekly reunion dinner.
Theres basically 3-4 generations of members in the family having their "reunion" dinner on almost every table.
But be warned that reservations need to be made at least in the afternoon/days before to secure a place.I reserved 2 hours earlier and ended up with the last table outdoor.

Pickled cucumber with a pot of chinese tea

The plates, bowls and cutleris are spotless

Duck meat fried with XO sauce
The XO sauce complements the duck meat perfectly

Mixed Vegetables in Claypot
The veges are fresh and crispy despite being cooked with gravy in claypot

Crispy Duck Skin wrapped in thin slices of popiah skin
This dish must be eaten as soon as possible when the skin is still crispy. Doesn't fill up your stomach but is a special experience considering that we are eating beijing styled duck in Petaling Jaya

2-in-1 Platter (BBQ pork + Roasted pork)
The BBQ pork(char siew) tastes very good while the roasted pork is mediocre.

Claypot Curry Fish
The curry is very pungeant and rich, suitable to be mixed with a bowl or rice. Fish is fresh and has lots of eggplant.

Pros: Very nice traditional ambiance and customer service, Food is quite good

Cons: Price of dishes are very premium, The pickled cucumber and tea which are compulsory, costs very much

Result: 8/10


Eddie Lim said...

One of the best place to be....but portion is too small and pricy....

chuayt said... is nice....
but since its premium, kinda hurt the wallet a lil bit...but its not like we're going there, its worth the experience...haha

nicholascsc said...


anyway, it is a good try since alot of ppl said quite nice and it turns up to be not bad as well...