Sunday, 14 June 2009

Mangoes from AndhraPradesh(India)

Mangoes are common in Malaysia due to our tropical climate. Mangoes from our neigbouring countries such as Thailand and Indonesia are widely available in wet markets country wide. The more premium mangoes from Australia and India need to be sourced from upscale supermarkets(eg.Cold Storage).

These mangoes here are bought from Restaurant Sri Paandi in Kajang. These mangoes from India can usually be found in Indian restaurants provided that the imported stocks are available. These mangoes are very very sweet and need to be chilled in order to enjoy the aroma, taste and texture of the fruit.

The box with 5Kg of mangoes costs RM 50 ringgit, pretty cheap for such delicacies

Look at its size...

Nice platter to be chilled in the fridge before consumption

Another way to enjoy the juicy delicacy...yummmm...

Pros: Very sweet(if eaten warm will not be nice..imagine eating warm ice cream)
Nice texture and aroma

Cons: Price is slightly on the high side

Result: 9/10 (must be served chilled)

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Eddie Lim said...

Hey yen u cut the mango until that shape ya? I try hundred time and everytime it fail...