Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cafe de Nata, Macau

Macau is famous for its egg tart. As we have a very short trip to Macau, we wanted to find the best available egg tart in Macau town.

Koi Kei Pastry shop is everywhere selling the egg tart and other famous pastries but most review quoted that it was too commercialise and lost the taste of originality. Thus we make our way to Cafe de Nata also known as Cafe de Margeret.

To find this shop, I believe we consulted few locals people and we have lot of problem when communicate with them. The road are all in portugese and the people there speak cantonese. Those portugese word do not directly translated into Cantonese and it was really a big trouble to locate the shop. Anyhow...we manage to find it.

verdict: Yes, definately a much better egg tart compare to those available in Malaysia. The egg is very aromatic. Pastry is thin and crunchy. The egg is so smooth and silky and it is warm despite been kept for sometime.

Really something worth trying.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Goku Raku Ramen

There is new ramen shop in Mid Valley and I decided to try it out the other day.

Famous for it broth which they identify themselves as "ultimate tonkutsu broth'...They even got a page on the menu that teach the patron how to enjoy the broth to the maximum.

When I was there, I had just finish my ultimate gym and I am craving for something filling yet healthy thus I order the tofu salad and their famous ultimate goku raku ramen.

The ramen come first. The aroma of the 48 hours boiling hot broth is so strong but the amount of oil on top of the broth is a turn off. There is leek and garlic oil that make the soup so aromatic. One things I have to admit is I don't really like the broth because it taste too porky. Not to say I am not a fan of pork, I love pork but the aroma was just too strong for my liking. The ramen was OK, springly and hard seem like uncook but bareable. The aromatic eggs turn out to be hard boil egg and nothing to shout about.

A flip through the menu, their char siew seem expensive thus I put a very high standard on the char siew....It turn out to be a piece of pork with thick fat and it was pretty bland. Again the porky taste is turn off.

My friend say maybe I do not know how to enjoy the ultimate broth but she end up admitting the broth aroma is too strong and too oily thought we reminded the waiter we wanted less oily.

Anyway it was a good try and I believe those who really like aromatic and strong taste broth should try it out.

The tofu salad turn out to be good. White chinese tofu is normally bland and taste awful if eat it raw but the salad with sourish dressing turn the salad to be impressive. Worth trying

Anyway....stay by for my Macau HK food posting....Very busy nowadays so no time to post about it....