Sunday, 16 May 2010

Penang Hokkien Mee

In Klang Valley, Hokkien Mee is fried noodles with thick black soy sauce. However if you are traveling to Penang please be aware that Hokkien Mee in Penang is actually Prawn noodles in Klang Valley...

There is a lot of stall selling Hokkien Mee in Penang and it was you own choice of which stall is your favourite....

The only different between Penang Har Mee and Klang Valley version is the prawn is bigger, juicier and tender....and the seller is never stingy in giving those prawn....and another good selling point is the amount of fried scallot they put in....Yummy yummy

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Penang Chee Chong Fun

What make Penang Chee Chong Fun special?

The answer lies on the sauce they use. Traditionally we eat Chee Chong Fun with sweet sauce and chilli sauce but in Penang, they have something different...Shrimp paste.

A thick stinky shrimp paste with a dash of sesame seed is the things that make Penang chee chong fun stand out from the crowd.

My journey to Penang last month have given me chances to taste the unique yet stinky food. Frankly I am not a fan of shrimp paste due to its taste and aroma.

Newlane Food Court[beside Sunway Hotel]

Priced at RM 2 for small and RM 3 for big plate, the chee chong fun was fairly drained with sweet sauce and shrimp paste. The aroma of shrimp paste was not so strong but just nice for people who do not like the strong adour of shrimp paste....I like this

Goodall II foodcourt

Totally an opposite of the one I have in Newlane. The shrimp paste here stink that once you try to stir the chee chong fun, the adour can just stink the nose for few seconds. Well, this was order by my friend who love shrimp paste. But for me, I can't take the aroma....

But from my friend verdict, he like it and he think it was fairly good as those we have in Newlane...

So if you like stinky smell, u know where u can get it!!!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Ghee Hiang vs Him Heang

What would you buy for your friend as souvenir if you are in Penang?

I bet it would be a box of 'Tau Sar Pneah' or better known as Tambun biscuit.

There is 2 famous brand in Penang been Ghee Hiang and Him Heang, rumour to be manage by siblings!

It have been a long debate between this 2 brands of which is better.

Ghee Hiang been the most famous among the tourist have 2 outlets in Penang, one being in Macalister road and another one at Burmah Road.

Ghee Hiang tambun biscuit come with nice box, pre-pack into a plactic bags of 4 biscuit each. Their main point of selling are the old brand name of 150 years and cleanliness.

For me, I think the outer skin of ghee hiang biscuit was somehow not as fresh and nice as Him Heang. The filling was a bit too sweet to my liking but was less oily.

Him Heang on another hand is more famous among the local and also my prefer choice. Located at Burmah road, Him Heang always face shortage of supply and it was well known that sometime, one have to pre-order before able to collect their tambun biscuit.

Him Heang biscuit have a well done outer layer been medium crispy. The filling was much oily been more lard and fried scallot been mixed with the bean (Tau Sar). The aroma of the filling is much stronger than those of Ghee Hiang.

Their selling point is that freshly baked from oven. One can feel the fresh heat been release from the box.

The only bad things about Him Heang is the packaging was not nicely done. If you put on your car and you drive from Penang to KL, most probably all the biscuit is upsite down in the box! Well, not really a nice way to give out as a gift...hehe

Anyway, Ghee Hiang vs Him Heang....I personally think it would much depend on each person taste and preferances. I personally like Him Heang, my sister prefer Ghee Hiang....So which 'Hiang' are you?

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Padthai - Bangkok Fried Keow Teow

Padthai is a traditional food in Bangkok resemble our local fried keow teow.

The rice noodles (keow teow) was much softer than what we can get in Malaysia, more oily in nature and very smooth.

In every street in Bangkok, beside the famous pork noodles, padthai would be available day and night.

Once can choose from original padthai, chicken padthai, seafood padthai to pork padthai. On each table, there is sugar, peanut, thai chilli sauce, chilli flack and fish sauce which one can season the padthai according to our taste.

The difference between padthai with our local fried keow teow is padthai taste much sweeter, oily and smoother.

Anyhow, i somehow prefer padthai over our local keow teow...hehe