Sunday, 14 June 2009

Restoran Prosperity (Sungai Long)

This coffee shop is located beside the Kings Confectionery in Bandar Sungai Long.
This stall is manned by an auntie and her indonesian worker.

The first time i tasted her Fish Head Meehoon was 5 years ago, and i was hooked since. Of course, u cant compare this Fish Head Meehoon with Woo Pin @ Taman Mas/Danau Desa/Serdang. But its the second best alternative for me if i am craving for this meal without the need to travel too far.

The broth used co cook this dish is extremely rich and the ownner doesnt stinge in the use of condensed milk. The result is a perfectly hearty meal with 4 big slices of fried fish.

Another specialty of hers is the Pork Ball Noodle. The broth used is similar to the one used to cook Fish Head Noodel, but instead of milk, other mix of ingredients are added. This results in sweet and rich soup that comes with many pork balls(if you do not want pork intestins/liver)

Pros: nice and sweet soup, large serving
Cons: Only 2 gas stoves are used, hence, longer waiting time if there is a large crowd

Result: 7.5/10

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