Saturday, 26 June 2010

Penang Char Kiew Tiau

Where is the best Penang Char Kiew Tiau???

I have try :

Newlane (beside Sunway Hotel)
Goodall II (Jalan Burmah)
Goodall I (beside a Chinese school)
Northerm Beach Foodcourt

Which photo is which stall.....erm, i already misplace...wahaha...
so u pick and guess la...

One thing i notice from all this picture is that the prawn is so much bigger than those we get in KL...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Malaysia Airline ~ Malaysian Hospitality

If there is one thing that Malaysia Airline can beat AirAsia, it would be the food!

Forget about finding the wallet to buy your favourite nasi lemak or donut, Malaysia Airline provide it all chargeable to your flight ticket!!

On my flight to Ho Chi Minh City, I was given a choice of Nasi Lemak with spicy chicken or Chicken prata. Well, I decided to go for Nasi Lemak with spicy chicken...

Erm, it turn up to be Nasi Lemak with spicy prawn....erm..."Misrepresentation"....

But overall it was good. Nice Fragrance coconut milk rice with spicy prawn with a piece of dried fruit cakes and juices. Sorry, AirAsia, but your nasi lemak cannot compete with this...

On the way back to KL, I was given choices of beef satay with fried rice or chicken prata. Well, sinful with my 'bo' experience in Vietnam, there is no more chance I will eat beef anymore. Thus i opt for Chicken prata.

Is more like a murtabak ayam serve with darca. The prata is tasteless...and my prata is obviously not cook as compare to my colleague. The prata is so hard and the taste of uncook flour is still there....The darca is also tasteless....Fortunately there is Forrero Rocher to cheer me up

Anyway, no doubt Malaysia Airline services is is good....but 4 times with Malaysia Airline, 4 times I have bad terbulences. Maybe the plane is flying too fast and the plane is too small...

Friday, 18 June 2010

Pho 2000 - Vietnam

I just back from Vietnam not long ago for business trip and immediately have my exam. Sorry for the long 'lost' of HarkauSiewmai...

Lets get back to the topic...

In Vietnam, there is 2 biggest barrier when come to eat.
1. It is not easy to find a place to eat which is clean.
2. It is very normal to accidentally eat beef even u order a chicken dishes.

So my advice is.....

1. If you are not so adventerous and want to avoid staying in hospital, please do not eat at street food especially those sitting down at stool and eat at low rise table.
2. Learn this power word "Khong the an chit bo' which mean I cannot eat beef.

I would like to start the Vietnamese food corner with the introduction of Pho 2000. Pho 2000 become famous after US President, Bill Clinton visited their shop many years ago. Now Pho 2000 have several branch and one that can easily catch one eye is the one situated at Ben Thanh Market.

Pho (pronounce as Fur) is traditional rice noodles make in Vietnam. It was serve in aromatic soup that have been boil with herbs and chicken bone. Becareful if you eat at other place because I have eaten beef Pho even thought I order chicken Pho. So to make things clear, make sure you use the powerful word.

Pho is served with basil leaves, taugeh and vietnamese chilli. Vietnamese Chilli is super super spicy and don't ever try to bite it. Put it in the soup and stir it. The spiciness will come out by itself.

Beside ordering the Pho Ga (chicken pho), we also order Grill Pork rice. Vietnamese Grill Pork rank number 1 to me. There is no chance one can such a tasty grill pork in Malaysia. yummy....saliva drolling...

Last but not lease, for a very safe version to avoid is the vegetarian Pho....taste like bah kut teh with vegetable...hehe

Here is the drink we order....Fresh Fruit Ice and Red Bean Ice