Sunday, 14 June 2009

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant (The Gardens)

I made it a point to try the food in this restaurant coz it seems so darn good, whereby long queues of customers are willing to wait outside of the restaurant before they can obtain a table...(they are also served with green tea while waiting)

The immediate feel was that im actually in Taiwan coz their waiter and waitresses doesnt look like locals...the guys look like taiwanese from the mountains (traits like superstar taiwanese singer A-Mei)

The menu includes rice sets, mini steamboat, and other typical taiwanese dishes..(the fried sweet potato ball are quite popular).
The prices are not exhorbitant considering that it is located in one of the most exclusive malls in Malaysia.

However, there seem to be limited space and my table is placed too near to another customer's table(around feet), creating an uncomfortable and no privacy to chat while waiting for food to arrive..

This is not the typical ice kacang(ABC)- includes sweet potato, yam, green + red bean, and ice cream
But does not justify its price(very expensive for just a normal dessert)

This set comes with rice set and claypot chicken cooked with a type of very fragrant leaves...
The rice, topped with pork gives a very nice fragrant and taste to the bowl of rice(cant help but to finish it)...

This set comes with fresh fish fillet cooked in tomato+eggs (the eggs tasted very tangy and fresh)

Pros: Nice ambiance, good taste, good service

Cons: Tables too close, waiting time for food too long

Result: 7/10

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