Sunday, 14 June 2009

BBQ Chicken (Jaya One)

At first glance, this restaurant looked like a normal but colorful restaurant with simple table arrangements compared to other restaurants in Jaya One...
But dont be has the best grilled chicken i hav ever had...the chicken literally melts in your mouth. The herbs used to marinate the chicken are heavenly.
Best of all, this restaurant uses only olive oil to prepare all their food including french fries...talking about eating healthy

Jerk Chicken - This is really one of the best grilled chicken done perfectly, leaving the outer skin a lil bit charred while inside remains tender..

Grilled chicken burger - Imagining of it makes me is the best burger one can hav, consisting of only grilled lean meat sandwiched in between two soft buns(dislikes normal burger patties which contents are unknown). The juice from the griled chicken oozes out and drips in every bite. It represents the healthy side of burger.

The fries are also another attracting factor on the platter. These fries are delicious, with large cuts and fried to golden brown..its best to go with the BBQ/Tomato ketchup

Nothing to shout about the "oh, so normal" garden salad..priced at the high side..i dont think it is value for money

compared with my version of the salad done at home..(half the price with prawns in it too)..delicious....

Pros: Tenderlicious chicken, nice fries + good bbq ketchup sauce

Cons: Dull design(Jaya One branch), long waiting time, Price just increased 30% recently. The fat undeneath the grilled chicken needs to be minimized or taken out for health purpose.

Result: 8/10

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