Wednesday, 27 April 2011 we come

Dear reader,

Sorry for the long wait as part of HarkauSiewmai kaki end up in Bali few days back....We are going to come back with lot of nice posting on Bali food....

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Josephine Cafe & Bistro @ Ipoh Garden South

This cafe & Ipoh was recommended by my friend Josephine. I like the environment here a lot as it was a nice place suitable for hang out with good food. Too bad I had already taken my dinner. Thus, we only have some light supper.
Thus, we decide to order a small piece of cake a 2 serving of salad. As this post was rather outdated, I only remember this salad as helping with enoki mushrooms.
But I really love the Ceasar Salad here. The meat was warm and the helping was rather large. Really hope to go back for it.
The cake look tempting, and was really not bad.

Don't remember the name of the drink, but it was really not bad.

Claypot Chicken Rice @ Kampar

Dropped by Kampar for the Claypot Chicken Rice opposite the old cinema which is currently a furniture shop names Foo Wah, a shop opposite KFC.
The 'yau choi' is really not bad, or more on its fresh.
The best thing about Kampar's claypot chicken rice is that the rice is cooked with soup base compared to other places (especially KL/Selangor) where only normal water is used.
Its just 6pm and the place is slowly getting crowded. Doesn't remember the price, but it was very reasonable considering the helping was quite huge.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Restaurant Makanan Panggang Oldies & Goodies

Very outdated post!!!

Ok lets get started.....Besides from sweet strawberry and steamboat in Cameron Highland, we took the opportunity to explore some restaurant in the highland. One of the catchy signboard we saw is Restaurant Makanan Panggang Oldies & Goodies....for goodness sake, BBQ meat at highland sound like good compliment thus we headed in.

The restaurant is same row as Strawberry Moments...Well, cameron town is not big so is easy to spot this shop....

As we are going to have a long way back, we order quite a fair of food.

Claypot Tofu...
I like the gravy a lot....serve with siuk yok and lot of treasure inside....

Hot plate Tofu ~ by mistake we order 2 tofu...lolx...
The tofu is smooth and gravy was nice. As we have 2 type of tofu on the same meal, out of sudden i feel so 'jelak'

Asparagus with mushroom...
No comment on vege....But i like mushroom as normal....yummy

The star of the meal.....Mixed BBQ Meat...
CharSiew is Ok...nothing to shout about...
Roasted chicken is good. Tender and juicy.
Roasted duck is also good but too chewy for my liking. The garlic sauce on top add some kick to the roasted duck..
Roasted pork is so so....Nothing great!!!

As our 'chang chen pou lou' soup which is longevity soup doesn't arrive, thus I can't review on this but such a fortune that it doesn't arrive as the soup is kinda pricy...

Overall, the restaurant was just normal and I don't think their roast meat is up to my standard since I expect too much from the Restaurant Name!!!!

3.5 star is my rating...