Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum Damansara Jaya

Well, this photo have been in my harddisk for sometime and I hardly have time to blog about it.

Few months back, I decided to go Genting to have some gamble and thus I meet up with one of my friend who is on the way to Genting to snap some photo for competition. Before we depart we decided to have early dim sum in Damansara Jaya.

Rather than opt to the conventional Hong Kee Dim Sum, we decided to have a try on Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum. Well, the crowd was quite reasonable as it was an public holiday when I visited the shop. It wasn't as crowded as Hong Kee Dim Sum.

Well, patron have to order the dim sum based on the menu given before they steam it. However there is also some waiter walking around with trays of dim sum for us to pick.

Well, this is what we order for 2 person.

Pan Fried Gua Zhi, Fried carrot cake, Fried yam (Wu Gok)



Beancurb skin roll

Pau, Porridge and Char Siew Pau (photo in friend camera)

Review : The dim sum standard is as good as Hong Kee Dim Sum. The dim sum size is quite big and very easy to feel full... Less oily compare to others dim sum shop. Personally i like their Siew Mai the most because it was really compact, tender and springy...The taste of the Siew Mai is also very unique and I like it. The pan fried dumpling (Guo Zhi) taste a bit bland but very juicy inside. Beware when you eat this because the filling inside the thin skin is super duper hot...and the juicy meat can easily burn your tongue....Well, I kena slight burn because too 'tam chiak'....

Conclusion, it was worth the money you spent and Jing Xuan and Hong Kee is at par in term of their service, pricing and food quality

Monday, 21 December 2009

Happy Winter Solstice

Dear Reader,

We would like to wish all reader a happy and warm Winter Solstice which will be celebrated tomorrow. "Tang Tang Yuan Yuan". Have a great time with family

We would also wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....Hope you have great holiday and enjoy the few remaining days in 2009 and everyone will have a great year ahead....

Sincerely from:
Harkausiewmai team...

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ajitei Japanese Cuisine @ Plaza Singapore

Hoho Merry Chrismas... Everyone is in holiday mood...
After a busy week... It's time to treat myself with a great meal...
I was told to meet up at "Wei Jing" (in Mandarin) in Plaza Singapura. I was thinking it probably will be serving us with Ajinomotos... After exploring around for the location, I realised that I got the name wrong it was known as "Wei Ting" ... lol...

Instead of getting ramen, we added some twist by ordering a pattaya, cheese baked rice and curry. But first presenting to you Gyoza Wafu, 5 pieces of very hot "jiazi"... wahaha... Nothing very special.
Then comes the Mr salmon (Grill Salmon Fin). The display was interesting with the head and fin. It seems as if the fish was grilled when it was diving into the Atlantic ocean... The fish was kind of fresh and it is crunchy... Pretty nice for a fish head lover...
Then comes the pattaya. To me it really looks like nasi pattaya or omurice. But actually there's no rice in it. Hiding inside the net of mayonnaise, BBQ sauce and fried eggs was my favour, slices of cabbage. If you are vege lover, an equation of vege+mayonnaise+fried eggs = the feeling of salad...haha

Finally comes the Yaki Seafood. It seems like cheese baked rice, but on top of it there is mix of curry in the rice. It is not very spicy and it tastes very nice together with the cheese and prawns. Best of all, it is quite reasonable at the price of $6.80. If you dont want seafood, can try out Yaki Chicken which is a dollar cheaper with chickens.

Overall, we enjoy our meal. the environment is quite so pretty awesome to chat. Average per person spending is $13. Other than these, they also have varieties of dessert as well, and rumours said it's not bad.
Mojo signing off harkau siewmai's expedition.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Ma Lat Lou Kitchen - Episode 1

Hi guys....

Since I am sick and I have nothing much to do, I am thinking of teaching everyone how to cook using the Ma Lat Lou Style (Single Guy Kitchen).

Every time when we fall sick, our mom will cook us porridge which is tasteless and boring. Today I am going to teach you how to make porridge taste yummy but healthy too.

Today menu is : Century Pork Porridge. I just cook it few minutes ago so I better upload it before I lose my blogging mood.

Plain Rice
Mince Pork
China Salted Vegetable
Century Egg
Salt and pepper
Soy Sauce
Fried shallot and spring onion for garnishing

1. Firstly, boil the plain rice with 1.2 litre of water. Let it boil for 7 minutes

2. Chop the carrot and chunk it into the boiling hot porridge
3. If you want a soupy porridge do not stir it, but if u like porridge that is thick and sticky just like what i love, keep on stirring after you put in the carrot.
4. Marinate the pork with soy sauce and pepper.
5. After about 5 minutes and the porridge is almost cook, put in the mince pork.

6. Soak the China Salted Vegetable for few minutes to wash away any sand or dirt
7. Chunk in the salted vegetable
8. Slice the century egg
9. After about 15 minutes of cooking, slower the fire and put in the slice century egg
10. Cook it for another 3 minutes and add in salt and pepper for flavoring. Remember eat less salt...
11. You can enjoy your porridge with garnishing of fried shallot and spring onion if you want.

Here is the nice and healthy porridge with no oil added. Enjoy

Friday, 18 December 2009

Eat-zy Teowchew Porridge & Rice

It was a sin for us not to update the blog for such a long time....Sorry for those loyal reader for such a long wait....All the blogger is busy with their exam that ended on Wednesday....So i guess, let put an end to the sleeping blog...

I am sick this few days and have been eating porridge for the pass few days....

That remind me of my porridge experience in Eat-zy Teowchew Porridge at Jalan SS14/2. Teowchew Porridge is a plain porridge eaten with some side dishes which is normally salty in nature...

Famous side dish will be salted egg, salted vege, salted fish, and fried egg with 'choi po' (salted white carrot)

Last month when I first visited Eat-zy Teowchew Porridge, I was make known that they serve one of the best teowchew porridge in the town...They have variety of porridge ranging from plain porridge, taro porridge, sweet potato porridge and unpolished rice porridge.

I order plain rice (because i feel hungry very fast if eat porridge) and 3 side dishes. I have the bean curd with mince pork, salted vegetable (Szechuan vegetable) and pork patty with salted fish...

Beside that they also offer other side dish that I do not oder such as steam fish, variety of green vegetable, preserve vegetable, braised egg, braised pig intestine, and the list go on...

So if you are in SS14, why not you stop by and have a try....

Sorry for the blur picture but you can check out other blogger for the same recommendation

Sunday, 22 November 2009

3 hooligans @ Out of Africa

One fine Saturday evening, 3 hooligans ventured to Petaling Jaya to search for wild & exotic food...

Lo and behold....

Here is where we satisfied our EXOTIC tastebuds...

Vegetarians will not like to hear this...

We managed to hunt down a few tasty meat!!

Baked Cheese Ostrich

This dish was a dissapointment as the cheese did not go well with the ostrich meat. Too much batter was used to fry the fillet. The meat tasted quite bland. Maybe the ostrich did too much exercise...Or maybe we Malaysians are more familiar with KFC...*slurpp

On the plus side, the mash potatoes tasted GOOD! =P


Grilled Seafood Platter

Ahh..looks like something from the Manhattan's Fish Market right?

You know what?? They really do taste better @ Manhattan's Fish Market ...

Probably due to the reason that they do not have much seafood in Africa.

It was not bad. The seafood were very fresh. As you can see, 3 mussels, 3 prawns, we could evenly divide the portion for 3 persons.

It also came with side dishes (as seen in the picture below)

CHIPS!!! (My favourite!!)

And of course the boiled carrots rich in beta-carotene & the green vege cooked African-style which tasted like...vege..of course..*Grins

Now, the BEST meat of the night...

Zuri Duck *Yummy

Voted as Best tasting meat of the night by all 3 of us!! But the selection of RICE as the side dish was really OUT la!!! I personally insisted on CHIPS!! But...but...I had no one to support my vote :( 2:1 for rice...Gosh..

Anyway, meat-lovers should really try this dish! Not only was the meat tender and juicy, but the grapes gave it a very UNIQUE taste!!! We all loved this!!!

Last but not least...

We decided to add one more order as our appetite for exotic meat was not quite satisfied.

And here we got our SURPRISE!!!

Venison Pie

We waited quite a while for this dish as it was a last minute decision. But the wait was well worth it!!

Look at it!! It not only looked good and smelled good!! Take note of the detailed sides of the crust and how the effort was taken to shape the crust and not just leave it plain...

Let's take a peep inside...

Would you just look at that??!!

The smell was heavenly!!!

The gravy in there tasted so wonderful with the CHIPS!!!

The venison meat in there was tender, juicy, and cooked just nice!!!

The crust, as you can see, is not too thick that it totally kills your appetite, but baked to perfection...


Ooohhh hmmm....We 3 hooligans were satisfied tonight....

Definitely worth a try!!!

Especially when this quaint little place has been in existence for many years already.

There must be more good food we did not get a chance to taste on the menu.

There was an alchoholic drink by the name of "White Elephant" (something like that) which none of us dared to try!! Just in case it got out of hand...*Wink

Monday, 26 October 2009


Few week back, after a long night of class, we decided to stop by at Snoflake, a taiwanese dessert shop situated just opposite of Asia Cafe. It was same row as Baker Cottage but you have to pay attention on the signboard on 1st floor instead.

One just need to queue up, order and take the UFO and proceed to find a seat....

Yes, UFO....I am not joking!

The high tech beeping UFO is actually a device to show that your order is ready....One can find a seat and start chit chatting with friend and when the UFO beep and vibrate, it mean it is time to collect the dessert that have been ordered earlier.

So we decided to have Grass Jelly Ice with green bean and lotus seed. We also have the grass jelly with yam ball...both is priced at RM 4.90...

Other specialy include the famous Hot Soya Bean with 'Yau Tiao' or in other word is 'Yau Char Kwai'...

Big Reminder: The serving portion is large so if you have small tummy, you can share...

Friday, 23 October 2009

MOS Burger@ everywhere* yet not in Malaysia**

Presenting to you.....
MOS BURGER.... aka MOSt delicious BUGGER... ok I made up myself...
Now where is the burger? where's the food?

Well, I'm not that cheap for not investing any money for Harkau Siewmai...But this what I get after ordering.
1 drink , 2 small buckets and 3 8. I suppose they ask me to wait? ok, so we wait then? by the way what is the 2 small buckets? While waiting for the food, let check out what's it...
Written "coffee fresh", "better half"... WTH is MILK!!! Burger plus milk?

You can try, but I putting it into my drink. Oh forget to mention I am having Ice Milk Tea... Oh yeah, this is the time where looking how the milk and tea get together, while waiting for the burger. If u had another cup u can speed up the fusion process, by making the well known "teh tarik....."

Ok, the lady came with a basket of food and taken away the 38. Foods checked....
French fries bigger than the Mc Donalds.
The next moment will be the "MOS burger Unwrap" This is the moment we long waited for....

1st of all the MOS Cheeseburger,Beef, $3.55, energy level 405.6kcal, total fat 20.7g, cholesterol 33.8mg, carbohydrate 38.4mg, sodium 1016.8mg and potassium 584.9mg.

Next my favourite, TERIYAKI CHICKEN BURGER, $3.35,
energy 427.6kcal, total fat 27.1g, cholesterol 107.8mg, carbohydrate 4.8mg, sodium 1088.6mg,potassium 351.8mg. This is nice, cause the teriyaki chicken was good. 5 stars....
Total energy restored 833.2kcal...
Compare to Mc, it's kind of different, I like the cold milk tea and the teriyaki chicken. Cause the drink was refreshing and the chicken was kind of juicy and tasty... Dont think we had it in Malaysia....
The END.....
*Many outlets in Singapore, the one I went is at 252 North Bridge Road #B1-38 Raffles City Shopping Centre 179103. Close to City Hall MRT Station.
**I'm not very sure whether there is or not at the moment, but heard that previously we had it in KLCC, but somehow close down

Friday, 16 October 2009

Nice food...Would you eat?

If this is the best food in the world due to its freshness...Would you eat?

* Disclaimer* Video below might be too extreme for someone....If you have a weak heart, please don't watch....if you are eating your KFC, i suggest you put down your chicken first!!! Hehehe....

Food vs Animal Cruelty!!! You decide!!!

For me, definately a big NO

Village Restaurant(家乡小馆)@Rawang

It was quite some time that I did not update this food blog. Sorry about that. I am currently auditing a manufacturing company at Rawang and we did go out search for nice food at Rawang area. Last Wednesday, 3 auditors including me went to try the "Winter Melon Soup"(冬瓜盅)and other food at Village Restaurant.

The highlight of course is this:

"Winter Melon Soup"

The "ingredients" of this soup include pork, mushroom, dried scallop, etc. This was my first time to try winter melon soup and 3 of us totally agreed that it was fantastic and very delicious. This is medium size which cost RM20 and large size would cost RM25. This winter melon has the power of keeping warm the soup as well. After half an hour finish another two dishes, the soup was still very hot.

"Smoked Chicken" This cost us RM20 as well per plate. The smoked taste is quite heavy and it was surely not as delicious as winter melon soup.

"Potato Leaf" This cost us only RM6 (so cheap right?). It is very tasty and all of us like it very much.

"Chilli with Ginger" We needed this chilli to cover the heavy taste of the smoked chicken!!!

The address of the restaurant:
No.15-16, Block B, Gerai M.P.S Rawang,
Rawang, Selangor 48000

This restaurant is near to the popular "Lan Je Steamed Tilapia" restaurant. I have yet to try and hope to go before we ended our fieldwork at Rawang!!!

Result: 7/10 (Marks reduced to its distance and not a good environment as it is near to roads but it's really worth a try if you are nearby)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Seri Melur, Setia Alam

I have been working in Setia Alam for almost a year and I have yet to blog any food in Setia Alam.

Restaurant Sri Melur, is famous for its spicy nasi kandar which a lot of variety of food. I always eat Briyani with curry chicken or mutton. It was extremely nice. As it is very impolite for me to snap photo especially dining with my manager or boss, thus, there is not much photo of food snap in Setia Alam.

However, a search on my photo folder reveal one photo that I can use for blogging purpose. The photo below show a Roti Tisu of at least a metre long. Yes, A metre long!!!

It was cruncy, sweet and very oily. We took about 20 minutes for 4 person to finish the roti tisu....and by the end of our lunch, our finger are greasy and sticky...Thanks to lotsa planta, sugar and condensed milk...

One reminder: Don't seat outsite or near the fan if you order the roti tisu as the strong wind will blow the roti tisu away!!!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

To all Harkausiewmai.blogspot reader, we would like to wish all of you Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

May the round moon unite you and your family.....
May the full moon give you enlightement....
May the brightness of the moon lead you to a good future....

Happy Mooncake Festival!!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

It was a hot season again and cold food is dancing in my mind now....ABC, cendol, ice cream and etc.

Talking about ice cream, I love ice cream expecially Haagan Daaz ice cream. Being born in average income family, Haagan Daaz Ice cream is a superior food for me. There is only rare ocassion where I will step into Haagen Daz shop to twist my taste bud with the sensational cold ice cream that meld on your tongue.

Among the parade of ice cream they offer, i personnally fall in love with Mango Sorbet, The Five passionfruit, rum raisin and chocolate. I still can't find the pineapple coconut flavor which I believe I will like it so much.....

No doubt Haagen Daaz Ice Cream is the best ice cream I ever tasted!!