Monday, 15 June 2009

Japanese food at Japan(Tokyo)

The previous Yuzu post has reminded me that somewhere in my photo album lies some authentic japanese cuisine from my visit to Japan few years ago...
One of the major cultural differences i experienced in Japan is, there are little or no coffee shop/mamak styled place for makan....felt kinda strange coz everyone seem to eat behind closed doors in the restaurants

In this post, there are no particular review on restaurant basis. Instead, these are the pictures that i snapped randomly from shops/restaurants in Tokyo.

Here goes...

This is a popular snack food which is made of egg batter, quite similar to the ones sold in our pasar malam which hav the shapes of doraemon, kitty cat,etc.

This is unique and immediately caught my attention. the bananas are soaked into chocolate or strawberry flavored liquid and then decorated like paintings. Although it looks attractive, but it tastes somewhat normal(i prefer chocotop ice cream from McDonalds).

Japan's own version of "Dunkin Donuts"

The original Yoshinoya Restaurant in Japan

Do not be fooled by the empty streets, there are actually crowds of people in the shops/restaurant having their meal.

These artificial food displays look soooo.. real, and can be found almost everywhere in japan where restaurants loom.
Looking at them itself makes me salivate...yumm...

Very cute Panda "paos" which is found in Chinatown. I wonder if we can find them in Malaysia..

Ice cream is a big thing in Japan and ice cream stalls can be found in virtually anywhere...of course, they hav yet to invent an ice cream vending machine...hehe

Fresh Unagi and products from the sea

I love this brown tofu skinned sushi with rice in it. Although its available in Jusco, this skin tasted sweeter and hav a stonger taste of soy sauce.

A platter of plain fresh and cold tofu . The spring onions complemented the bland and cold tofu very well, brings out a mild taste of sweetness from the fresh tofu.

Grilled fish (dont konw what species). Not particularly my taste coz theres are lots of tiny little bones, but it tasted great due to the use of some special gravy added when grilling.

A simple platter of different sushis, this picture is spoiled by the camera's flash.
This dish and picture is my favourite...Shabu shabu (Japanese term for steamboat)
This is a giant long legged crab. most of the meat/tendons are actually from its legs....

Look at this crab meat...does it resembles the crab stick we usually hav for steamboat?? It takes like it too, just that this texture feels more like the original crab meat that we eat.
This set of Udon mee looks very mild but is actually full of sweetness from the broth.
Theres a bunch of flavor in this set of rice, sweetness from the vegetable slices, sourness fron vinegar coated rice, and saltiness from the salmon fish eggs.

Pros: Very healthy diet by the Japanese, Fresh sea products

Cons: Extremely expensive (a set of udon mee + small side dish+ green tea = RM 35+/-)

Result: 9/10 (Japanese takes real pride in preparing their food, and you can almost be certain that their chef are of high standards)


nicholascsc said...

Nice ya...thanks for introducing real Japanese food...

See whether in future got chance to visit Japan or not...

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