Sunday, 14 June 2009

Claypot Chicken Rice at Restaurant Sin Heap Seng

Yesterday Yen Thoong bring us to eat one of the most famous claypot chicken rice along Jalan Imbi. The restaurant name is Restaurant Sin Heap Seng.

From the first look, it seem like and old shop with nothing interesting to blog about. The easies way to indentify the restaurant name is in deed not the shop name by itself but rather the big signboard of a driving class center.

The best part of the claypot chicken rice is it was cook over the charcoal fire instead of normal stove fire. This enable the claypot to absorb heat more evenly and added fragrance to the rice. This was truly the traditional way of cooking claypot chicken rice...

We order 2 big claypots of original claypot chicken rice (for those who love lap mei, you can ask for additional lap ngap, waxed duck instead)...

The rice came a few minutes later with nice aroma of sesame oil and a bit of 'hangus' fragrance. It was simply nice just to smell the food when it was served..

The rice comes with salted fish, chicken liver, lap chong and tender and juicy chicken. Frankly, I never have such a juicy and tender chicken for claypot chicken rice.

At the end, 4 of us unable to finish the 2 claypot of rice and we have to ask for a take over...

Total damage to our wallet: RM 32….

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