Tuesday, 23 March 2010

T-bowl cafe

T-bowl cafe (toilet bowl cafe) incoporated the concept of dining in the wash room and it was situated at Sungei Wang Plaza and another branch at Queenbay Mall, Penang.

We visited the Sungei Wang Plaza branch to have this unique experience. If you are not those pantang person, I believe you will like to sit on top of toilet bowl and eat your meal from the toilet bowl.

Among some food that is quite famous will be the ice cream which have the shape resemble the SHIT...

This is what we order...

Oreo Milk Shake
Honey Lemon
and Shampoo

Shark Fish Snack as starter (thumb up...i like this very much)

and Black Pepper cheese baked rice, Chicken chop baked riceand fried spagetti with chicken chop...

The food there was nice and as par as food serve in other Hong Kong food cafe such as Kim Gary or Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. I like the chicken chop baked rice as there is a lot of cheese and the white sauce taste very good with the juicy and tender chicken chop...

Basically it was a nice experience to dine there. It was more like having an experience rather than enjoying our food there as it was our first visit but I really like it. The food is good and I will be coming back for more...

Total damage: RM 70.00

Friday, 19 March 2010

Restaurant Coconut Flower @ Teluk Gong

During CNY I bring my friend to have a dinner at Teluk Gong, the place to be for a nice seafood. Frankly I do not think Klang Seafood is nice but majority of people like to come to Klang for Seafood Dinner.

So I decided to go to the common seafood restaurant that I always go in Teluk Gong which is Coconut Flower. Well, the name come from the Coconut Flower liquor or toddy. It was nice if it was serve with a little bit of Guinness Stout.

So here is what we order.

Stir fried mantis prawn with dry chili (Kong Pou Har Kao)
- I like this dish as it taste good. A little bit of spicy and sweetness plus with the fresh mantis prawn make the whole dish very nice. The serving is also quite big.

Tom Yum prawn in coconut shell
- The prawn wasn't that fresh maybe due to Chinese New Year season where there is less fisherman going to the sea. The tom yum is excellent...

Butter squid
- the butter doesn't blend well with the squid and the squid is a bit too hard to chew...hehe

Steam Lala
- is good but cannot compete with Lala Chong

Fried lala bee hoon
- Sadly the amount of lala is so insignificant that I thought i was actually eating a 'bee hoon goreng kosong'

Some greenery stuff to balance up the meal...

Well, overall the place was too commercialise. The restaurant can accommodate more than 120 tables at one time and they have to compromise with their food quality. However, the price was quite reasonable, and it was a nice place to hang around...Just make sure you come early to secure some parking....and yeah, dun forgot the coconut flower liquor....A must try!!

Huang Chang Chicken Rice@Batu Berendam, Malacca

Malacca has always been famous for its chicken rice ball, the normal chicken rice rolled into a small round balls. However, there are 2 facts that we should know about Malacca chicken rice( that as what I was told about),
1) they are for breakfast, but tourists(like me) will take them to be lunch.
2) locals don't usually go to Jonker Street to have their chicken rice ball breakfast.

I had 2 chicken rice meals while I was in Malacca( for this trip), one of them is in tourist spot filled with pictures of artists from various country and big names who had visited the chicken rice shop.

One of my friend's personal favorite is this Huang Chang Chicken Rice Shop located in Batu Berendam, Taman Melaka Baru.

A long queue has formed outside the shop when we went there around 10am in the morning. My friend placed the order once we were seated. i was shocked when he ordered 40 rice balls and half a chicken(Hai Nan Chicken Rice) for the 3 of us. I was even more suprised when he mentioned that usually they took 20 rices balls per person. Then i realised the reason behind this 'massive portion'. Actually, the balls are not that big,

and it taste so good. Hand-made is always better than machines, as machine made chicken rice balls are much harder in texture-wise and the quality of hand-made chicken rice is certainly much better. Talking about rice, the Hainan chicken certainly can't be forgotten.

The texture are soft and tasty, and certainly much fresher compared to other Malacca famous chicken rice shops( the difference are rather obvious).

And one thing about this shop, the foods are rather economical.
Just Rm 8.50 for the half chicken and we spent lesser than RM20 for the 'breakfast' for 3.
I will definitely revisit Huang Chang the next time i am in Malacca.

p.s. : so sorry that there are limited pictures for this posting, the fragrance was too tempting.*smile*

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nadeje Patisserie Cafe@ Malacca

A trip to Malacca always focus on foods like 'satay celup' and 'chicken rice ball'. I am not excluded as well, until after I was taken to this cafe. With its blue sign( that was all i remembered, not the name, but the colour), Nadeje was actually quite famous among Malacca locals.

Actually, i still can't get the name pronounced correctly yet. As i can never remember addresses, I guess a pic on the name card will do.

Enough for introduction lets get to the main course. Nadeje is actually a cosy cafe specializing in selling only one type of cake, the mille crêpe. Mille crêpe is actually a type of French layer cake, which is thinly layered crust from eggs and creams(a layer of crust and a layer of cream). And it would be a bad idea to have the cake as take-away, as the texture will change if the cake was not kept refrigerated or cold enough.

the original mille crepes

A piece of green-tea mille crepes

Other than finding this idea of cake making refreshing, I do like the soft texture of the crepes a lot as well. Its like eating a mixture of ice-cream cakes with a slight taste of eggs( what else could you expect when it was layered with creams and egg crust?). But the taste of the cake was just nice( not too sweet and not too heavy). A piece of this crepes cost around RM6-7 a piece(as costly as cakes from Secret Recipe, but the texture are considerably much better). They also offer a variety of flavors, such as chocolates, strawberry, mocha and rum & raisins, just to name a few.

Not only the cakes, but other desserts are very tempting as well. They even prepare a glove-like cover for the pot to keep the tea warm. As this place is kinda famous, its not suprising to find the cafe crowded during tea-time around 3-4pm. Its definitely a must try for those visiting Malacca.

P.S: dear admin, hope that I am not doing too bad for my first post *smile*.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Little Tree @ Kuchai Lama

This is totally outdated post!!!

Little Tree juice bar is located at the new business center in Kuchai Lama. The landmark would be CIMB bank which is located just opposite of Little Tree. One can easily identify the cafe as the signboard was so GREEN!!!

During our visit there is one promotion whereby one can order selected food at the price of RM 2.99 with a criteria that the customer are to choose drink from certain category. It was actually very affortable...There is also lunch set provided...

Here are some of the food...

Nyonya curry mee (RM 2.99 if order selected drinks)

Stir Fried Prawn with oat served with lotus leave rice

Cheezy baked rice with chicken chop

Wild mushroom soup (I hate wild mushroom taste)

Cheese Chicken with fried rice

Watermelon plus orange booster..

Overall food quality and taste : 4 stars...
Price : 4 stars
Ambience : 4 stars (seperate smoking and non smoking, wifi, dimp light at selected area}