Sunday, 14 June 2009

Jimmy & Nong Thai Restaurant (Taman Cahaya, Ampang)

This is not your typical Thai restaurant, the aroma of barbecued crabs and cuttlefish will first hit your sence of smell even before you take your sit.
The continuous BBQ master fills the BBQ grill with seafood like theres no tomorrow..

Its best to be there at 6pm because it will be filled to the brink at 7pm. The varieties of dishes are not tremendous, but the taste of each dish is enough to excite your senses...

Fried mini "you tiao" with kaya dipping
This plate of "you tiao" tasted quite normal despite its unique presentation

Tom Yam Claypot
This soup is super rich and tasty. Its boiled till frappes appears on top of the soup. Filled with many different kind of seafood in it.

Black Pepper Crab
This dish is best eaten when its hot...the succulent mest is so fresh and tasty, the whole plate of crab will be emptied before the next dish arrive

Thai Style Fried Rice
This plate of fried rice have quite a number of big prawns hiding under the pile of rice..however, kinda pricey mayb due to the prawns

Belachan Kangkung
This dish is mediocre compared to belachan kangkung that i had in most of the chinese restaurants. Belachan tasted too mild, no ummph

Curry Lala
This dish tasted kinda weird at first, but after tasting a few Lala, u might get hooked (but more of an acquired taste)

Grilled Mantaray

This fish is tender on the inside with spices wrapped in aluminuim foil before grilling. The taste is ok, but must be eaten when its really hot.

Pros: Fresh seafood, some of the dishes are rare, eg. Kerabu(cold glass Chicken Feet)

Cons: NO chicken/pork (halal) which equals to lesser variety of dishes.
Price is quite steep especially fried rice

Result: 7.5/10 (p.s everything must be eaten when its still piping hot as it will become less tasty when the heat settle down)

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Eddie Lim said...

The kangkung does not look OK to me....but the tom yam look yummy...umm umm....