Saturday, 29 August 2009

Broga Grill Fish

After a tiring climb of Broga Hill, we decided to eat at one of the most famous Pan Mee but was badly disappointed because the stall is not open.

I called Fang Ching, who study in Nottingham to usher me to another famous food around Broga which is the Broga Grilled Fish. So we headed to the place. The restaurant was very isolated and difficult to find but help from local residence can ease your way there...

We order Talapia fish with extra hot, talapia soy sause steam, spicy brinjal and drunken chicken.

The talapia fish was fresh but the extra hot wasn't that hot anyway

The soy sause steam is a turndown as it was just salty and nothing else

Spicy brinjal is also normal and salty

The best of all should be the drunken chicken which is soupy and refreshing...

Overall the food was a disappointment for me and not worth the long traveling. But I fall in love with the farming village that I end up sitting there enjoying the scenery for hours

oh, by the way...all the food is cook using coal....not gas!!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

McTucky Muhibbah - Gurney Drive

During my recent visit to Penang, my friend bring me to eat at Gurney Drive, one of the busiest eating place in Penang flooded with tourist.

I was told that the fried stuff here are nice so I headed to McTucky Muhibbah. I wonder why Mc Donald's and KFC never file defamation suit on them....But I was shock to see a long queue of people in this stall.

The stall is famous for its fried chicken skin and thus without hesitation, I order some fried stuff and 2 ringgit of fried chicken skin...

Verdict: Nice....but drink plenty of water as it was heaty and high in cholesterol...But once a while, is OK la...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Selamat Berpuasa

To all Muslim Reader...

Selamat Berpuasa...

To all 30 Hour Famine Participant....

Selamat Berpuasa 30 Jam....

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Jalan Alor – opposite Nova hotel…

I forgot the name of the restaurant already. I am so sorry….but the shop is directly opposite Nova hotel along Jalan Alor.

After a heavy jam due to ISA protest on weeks ago, we decided to have dinner at Jalan Alor. For me, Jalan Alor is more like a place where you can find every food in Malaysia but at a cut-throat price. The food is normally not as nice as other place.

Nicholas recommends us to eat at this particular shop opposite Nova hotel far away from other stall which was full of human. So we settle down and order the food.

Here is what we order.

3 pair of grilled chicken wings as starter. The chicken wings were grill to perfection but the taste is quite bland. I will prefer a stronger honey or spicy taste.

Tom yum steam fish – the fish is quite fresh and well blend with the tom yum paste. However I will prefer a sweeter and sour taste because it was merely spicy and bit of sour.

Fried sotong – The sotong is quite ‘Q’ and taste good. However the shape is kinda weird as the chef didn’t cut the sotong the way it was normally being cut!

Belacan french bean – Nothing to shout about. Other restaurant can cook better than this...

Braised tofu in special sauce – Everyone of us agreed that the chef have put in too much salt on this dish that it spoilt all the good ingredient they put in.

As for our drink, we call fruit juices which come out to be a disappointment to us. My carrot milk juice look more like orange juice instead. Nick orange juice look more to pineapple juice and Fook Weng watermelon juice look like pink guava juice. All the color and taste is totally out of what it suppose to be!

Total bill : RM 129.30

Verdict : The food is average and not up to our expectation. The price is quite expensive. The food presentation was totally not nice!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Restaurant Noodle Village

Strawberry Bing visited RESTAURANT NOODLE VILLAGE.. It located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.. We need to park at far place because is hardly to find parking in lunch hour..

The owner put less sugar in this beverage.. Suitable for every single person especially old people..

I just like the serving of this tea only.. Others, just a normal tea only..

It is a substitution noodle from LAM MEE to PAN MEE only.. However, the sauce can hold the heat for at least 20minutes..

At first, I can't accept this mee where normally we have our soya drink with sugar.. Then later on, I started to accept this mee taste because I start to immune the soya taste.. But my friend still can't accept this mee until now..

ADDRESS - 8G, Jalan Puteri 1/1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
TEL - 03 - 8061 8760

Rating :
Foods - 3/5
Environment - 4/5
Services - 4/5
Price - 3/5
Hygiene - 4/5

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Restoran Tasty Pot @ Bandar Sunway

Steamboat restaurants seemed to hav been mushrooming in Sunway for the past decade, with one of the most popular ones such as Yuen. However, stronger competitors are starting to step onto this playground to get a slice of the market share off the incumbents. Among the strong new comer (within the past year) is Tasty Pot. You can see the signboard even from the highway itself, bearing a steamboat pot and some varieties of claypot dishes.

I was suprised to know that they actually serve quite a number of different broth for the steamboat, among them are Tom Yam, Herbal Soup, Porridge, Curry Soya, and Soya Bean. Pretty impressive. I've ordered herbal soup and tomyam to benchmark with Choong Fatt(one of the best steamboat restaurant in Cheras).
Suprisingly, its pretty good...gonna try curry soya next round.

Look at the varieties of steamboat items available...

I certainly blew me away when i saw scallops, meat crabs, mussels, prawns and even large snails available. They are so fresh, a snail even tried to escaped , but is not quick enough and landed into the hot pot...

Normal steamboat items, nothing to shout about
Dark fungus, tau foo pok, and my favourite foo chuk are among the varieties of items available

This is where the magic begins.....

Marinated Grilled fish(quite good) and Sweet potato(real sweet) though, this presentation might seem awkward and makes the sweet potato look like egg roe..hahaha
Fried mini crabs, fried bun and sweet&sour vegetables (pretty good overall)

Pros: Priced quite affordable at RM23.80/pax, food are quite fresh and plenty of varieties

Cons: Customer service not up to standard, pot with 3 varieties of broth can only be selected if > 8pax

Result: 8.5/10

Sunday, 9 August 2009


The kaki makan team is out for food search again and this time around we have decided to stop by at Sri Petaling to taste some of the delicacy there.

After hours of rounding and rounding, we at last decided to select Calorie Restaurant as our destination. We choose Calorie for 1 good reason. Reason being the name Calorie potraits that it is kinda healthy and serve well balance food.

When we arrived, there is just few tables of people but we were told that there is reservation made for 16 people so we can expect a slower food to be served. We settle down and been entertained by one 'quite unfriendly' waiteress.

Anyway cut story short, after an hour waiting and chit chatting we were serve with mouth watering food.

Zhe Quan order his Big Combo set meal which is rice served with chicken chop, century egg, mussle and prawn with special sauce. The set meal come with drink choice of either lemon longan, lemon sea coconut or ginger rice ball drink.

Leaf (a gals, carnivor who don't eat vege) order her Pork Chop rice with italian sauce. The rice come with a huge pork chop served with special mayonice. Below the juicy tender pork chop is omellete served with twin sauce of curry and tomato sauce.

I order the cheese baked rice with chicken chop. The portion of baked rice is huge and the chicken chop was juicy and tender. The chef is not stingy when come to putting in the cheese....

Fook Weng on the other hand orders his cheese baked rice with pork chop with pumpkin. According to Fook Weng, the pumpkin meat is so thick and one can enjoy both rice and sweetness of pumpkin on the same time.

As for our drink, we order Lemon Longan, Lemon Sea Coconut and my Kiwi juice. Fook Weng settle down with his 'ying yong'...

Total burn on our wallet : RM 71.10

Pro : Food is serve with perfection. Tasty and nicely decorated.
Cons: Long waiting time and air-condition of the shop doesn't seem to be able to cold me down!

Kissaten @ Jaya 1

As a reataurant bearing a Japanese name, i bet most of us will think that it would be a typical sushi restaurant which serves california roll, and sashimi. But suprise, its actually an italian japanese fusion food restaurant.

English Tea
I find that English Tea is somwhat too mild for my preference although the color seems to be saying otherwise.

Rice with fried eggs and deep fried pork cutlet
It tasted like fried rice and is quite good

Pasta with poached egg
It is kinda like an oglio pasta, tasted quite good although it looks bland

Deep Fried Pork Cutlet + Curry rice
This dish is quite ggood as the curry tasted as original as what i've tasted in Japan Disneyland. The taste is quite unique however, the pork cutlet is quite tough

Salmon Steak Set
The portion of this dish is quite healthy as as u can see, 2 pieces of salmon.....
The salmon tasted somewhat normal..

Pork Ramen in miso soup

This resembles the "wo tip" i usually order in Esquire Kitchen
Hot Plate Pork Steak
This is a killer, with the minced pork made into a burger patty, then fried, topped with mushroom sauce, smeels and tastes good
The all popular "char siu" pizza
This should be the only non halal pizza i've ever tasted in my whole life. The cheese used are of a healthy portion and the mayo toppings ass to the yummylicious taste of the thin crusted pizza
Pumpkin creme with "tang yuen" and red bean paste
Well, did not taste as good as it look, in fact, pretty bland and does not complement each other
Haagen Daz Ice cream with Pumpkin Creme
This dish is much better than the one above.
Pros: Service is quite good, some dishes are not bad
Cons: Price is quite high(RM 200++), the set up is quite simple and lack of elegance/class

Result: 8/10