Sunday, 14 October 2012

Restoran Boston Baru (伸波士顿餐室)@ Jalan Kapar, Klang--> Revisited

I was shopping with a friend in One Utama when she received a message from her roommate, asking her to join for dinner. As we all know each other, she invited me along when her roommate knows that I was with her. Dinner? Fine. My question would be, 'What should I be expecting to eat? Answer: Seafood. Where? Answer: Klang, at 5.30PM. My first expression was, 'What? Klang? Dinner @ 5.30PM? Ok, understandable we need the time to travel to Klang. But seafood? In Klang? Seriously? I thought Klang only have Bak Kut Teh? Anyway, i tagged along. 

After not so long journey from Kelana Jaya to Klang, looking for Tabung Haji and KWSP building, and a big Kamdar at the opposite, we finally arrived at the destination--> Restoran Boston Baru. Around 6.30PM, the crowd has started. Everyone was standing around, and the boss and some staff was taking orders from the crowd. After around 15 minutes of standing around, the staff finally started to lay out the tables. However, dinner was served only after more than 45 minutes later.

First dish was laid out, the fried mee. It was fried hokkien mee style. But suprisingly, its not the normal big stringy black noodle. The noodle looks a little glassy, and it seems to be in the square shape. It gave you more feeling of elasticity compared to normal Hokkien Mee, which make all the difference. And its really good....

The next that comes up is the Clams in Soup (上汤拉拉). They must have added some wine as well when cooking, and a lot of cili padi as well. This was really good as well, except for the part that there seems too be a little too much of sand that was not cleaned properly.

The next would be the Nestum Fried Mantis Prawn. Its was perfect combination, very good, but a little bit too sweet for my liking. However, it was greatly recommended for anyone who wanted to try there. 
Lastly would be the Seafood Pot, which was good too. The fish was tender, even when it was fried before getting cooked. The prawn also tasted fresh as well. This is also well recommended. 

I would certainly go back for more seafood, since its not everywhere you could get fresh seafood. Rating 8/10 given :)