Thursday, 31 March 2011

Malabar Palace, Hartamas Shopping Complex

Tired of Mamak food and want to find authentic Indian Food?

Well, D Tandoor sound to be the place or Spice of India. This 2 choice have been a famous spot for higher end of Indian food. However, what I want to introduce, maybe can be a substitute of this 2 restaurant.

Introducing Malabar Palace, Hartamas Shopping Complex.
Sorry for my bad posting on this because I really cant remember all the food name. I was bad in Hindi so to remember more than 5 dishes is tough for me...

As I have been to only D'Tandoor and not spice of India....I cant really comment on the food quality. But if you would ask my preferences, I still prefer D'Tandoor...

I would say Malabar Palace serve fusion Indian food. The restaurant is not that big and able to accomodate the capacity of up to 50-60 people. Accoding to their website they serve northern Indian food...

Ok, lets go to the food that we order...

1. Appertiser 1 - Paneer Fingers

Cheese wrapped and deep fried...serve with special sauce....thumb up

2. Appetiser 2 - Chicken Tikka Wrapped.

Normal....I not a fan of tortia wrap....But the filing is good!!!

3. Naan - 3 naan of our choice (Butter, Dried Fruit and garlic)

mamak naan taste better....sorry to say that the butter naan is too bland for my strong tastebud

4. Complimentary papadam with special gravy

The gravy is yummy....addictive!!

5. Briyani Lamb

I would say that the highlight of the day....Half of the table people are crying due to the spiciness of the food...Spices are well blended with the rice!! thumb up.

6. Mango Rice
I didn't taste any mango....but the taste was quite special...

7. Butter Chicken

One word....Yummy.

8. Some spinash thingy & vege dalca - Palak Paneer if i not wrong

No verdict.....Try it yourself....One of my friend like the green...Another one like the dalca....As for me, I dont like Vege. :-)

9. Spicy prawn - Dunno what its name....

I like it....but the serving too small.

Well, for big eater, the serving is not that big....The bill for this meal come to about RM 200++

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hokkien Mee @ O.S Restaurant, Seapark

O. S Restaurant is actually a hawker stall like restaurant situated opposite Paramount Caltex. behind Giant hypermarket. Went there after a recommendation from a friend that actually does not like Hokkien mee, as she complained on the lards used in cooking hokkien mee (but what is a hokkien mee if its without a minimal amount of lard?). Thus, has been visiting this restaurant quite often in this month.
The 'siu chau' in the hawker stall only start their business after 5pm up to around 12am at nite. But I prefer to go later than 8pm. After 9pm, the place will start to get crowded and you might need to wait for awhile for the food to come. All around, you will see most of the tables ordering the same dish of 'siu chau', 'hokkien mee', or black noodle.
I would say the 'watan hor' is a so-so from this restaurant. But, i do like their sambal a lot, as it goes well with the 'siu chau'.
The 'siu chau' cost RM6.00 per person serving.
Out of curiosity, i also give the fried chicken wing a try. It was nothing much special, but I do feel some crunchy bits of garlic(of which I am really not sure whether garlic is one of their secret weapon) in their marinating ingredient), although I am not sure whether I tasted it correct. Someone please correct me if i am wrong about this. The chicken wing cost RM2.00 per wing, but I think that would be the standard price in KL/Selangor.
Overall, I do like the siu chau here, although there are 2 other location that I would love to try on.

Stay tuned...for next hokkien mee location.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Yat Yeh Hing(日夜兴生窝海鲜饭店)@ Kelana Jaya

Yat Yeh Hing (日夜兴生窝海鲜饭店) is actually situated near Kelana Jaya LRT, at the side of LDP beside housing areas. A visit to this small food court is actually my friend's idea, coz of the reason, she missed the soup served with the chicken rice here. But, we actually need to line up and the soup is actually a self service. I am still OK with that rule, considering there were too many people waiting to be served. But we ended up getting a rude comment from the waitress, telling us that there were no need of two person lining, one would be enough, cos we are getting the place crowded :( . Tell me about bad service.

The soup is considerably good, as I don't really have high expectation on soups served along with chicken rice, but they do allow us to have a big bowl of it shared among few people.
A good chicken rice always come with good chili sauce, but this one is really a so-so.
The chicken in considerably pass enough.
The roasted pork is still a good, although not in very good category. And of course, we could easily finished it.
The 'ngar choi' is really normal, of which i don't understand why chicken rice have to come with taugeh, although its understandable that Ipoh "Ngar Choi Gai" comes with it. Unless, the taugeh come from Ipoh.

Overall, the chicken rice here is good. Its just the service here is unsatisfactory.

Restaurant New Boston Klang

Restaurant New Boston Klang have been in existence for many many years. I use to patron the restaurant with my family when I was very young but due to its slow serving of food, my family decided not to frequent the place anymore.

However, due to the restaurant becoming more and more famous, and my colleague are addicted to that place, lately, I do frequent the restaurant again!!! Anyway, if you guys do not mind waiting one hour plus to two hours, then why not....The food here is nice....

The Restaurant is famous for its steam Lala.....almost all table will order this dish..Dash with cili padi, lotsa ginger, fried chop garlic and fresh lala, this dish is worth dying for.....opps...i mean worth waiting for...

Other dish such as Nestum Mantis prawn is also very nice....However i feel it was to try to my liking. But the chewwy mantis prawn with sweet and salty taste of sugar and nestum, is really addictive!!

Dont forget about the Hokkien super black and nice...yummy...

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Chop Chung Wah, Jonker street

There is one scene in Jonker Street, Malacca that always caught people attention which is hundred of people queueing up for a plate of chicken rice bowl.

The shop was basically close by this iron bar and will only open if there is people finish up their meal and the owner will then allow certain number of people to come in. It will then be close until there is another group of person finish their meal.
Very 'Pah Pai' right? And look at how narrow is the road leading to the shop...Purposely park 2 motorcycle there....

So when we step in, the lady boss tell us, half chicken cheapest set priced at RM 28.80.....So we just simply say yes...

So here is the food.....Half kampung chicken and 5 plate of rice ball with 5 cute ball each. That is what the RM 28.80 set meant to be!!!

The chicken was rather dry but was sweet and have the 'Que' texture.

But the things that i would say stand out from other place is the rice ball.....The rice ball is so aromatic and I can just eat it without the chicken....The rice is handmake and that why it wasn't as compact as those 'very commercialise' chicken rice ball shop. One can still taste the rice although it was shaped to ping pong ball size. Yummy...

So next time you guys go to jonker Street, remember become 'Yau Kooi' like us....queue up for hours for this magical food...