Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear Reader,

Harkau Siewmai would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Enjoy your turkey and log cake.....

Sorry for long 'silent nite' in our blog....We promise we will come back soon with lots of update very very soon...

Thank u...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nadeje Mille Crepe - Revisited

Lately there is new item of 'must eat' in Malacca besides from its chicken rice ball, ice kacang durian and satay celup.

The new things is mille crepe cake from Nadeje...

Nadeje situated few door beside Ming satay hut that sell pork satay. Nadeje is a nice place to chill with comfortable sofa and nice cup of coffee...The crepe cake was nicely done and wasnt too sweet.

During our trip 4 of us order 2 slices of original crepe cake, 1 slice of mango crepe cake and 1 slice of chocolate crepe cake. Just see how many layers of crepe and creme per cake...


Feeling not enough, we even breing back to KL, 17 slices of crepe cakes. We have no choice but to put into huge vacuum bag with lot of ice as crepe cake must be stored in cold environment. Not to forget crepe cake tend to lost the taste if it was not consume within 24 hours.

Other favourite of crepe cakes include green tea, rum raisin, and tiramisu.

If you like to chill for a while, enjoy a cup of coffee of your liking...

Wala....what a day

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

La Gomera Spanish Buffet @ Neo Damansara

We decide to give Spanish food a try after Heather, a friend of mine found out about this place in mydeal, and the price was not really that expensive for a buffet dinner(@RM29.90). This is my first time having Spanish food, so the review is based on MY OPINION ONLY and NO COMPARISON was done for Spanish food).

But overall, I will give the environment and lighting a B+, it is definitely a comfortable place to have dinner in.
The services offered by those waiters are great too...Thus, thumb up for that too.
They offer free food tasting on their new dish, seafood in spanish sauce, of which I like the sauce very much, not too spicy,at least not too ordinary that you can make comparison to tomato sauces that you could find anywhere.
One of the dishes I like most was the cold prawn. They are considerably fresh and not too colds, that you can actually feel the freshness and juiciness of the prawns, even when they are not that big.
The lamb dishes was not bad too. The lamb are succulent and not too hard. In fact, they have nearly every kind of meat (chicken, lamb, beef, seafood) in Spanish sauce.
Of course, you could never missed out raw oysters. Theirs was not big, and only one on every order you placed using the small clips similar to Tenji.
The seafood was OK, just a tad too salty.

This is considerably new to me, but I like the crunchy part of the bread, and taste even better when you dip into the soup.
Forgot to take pictures on the spaghetti, but they are really not as good as it looks, and too sour for my liking. Even a friend of mine who has a passion with spagetties couldn't take it.
Overall, I would rate B for La Gomera, and I think I will recommend it for family gatherings or even dating...:)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ming Sate Hut - Malacca

Craving for sate babi? or pork intestine sate?

Head to Ming Sate Hut at Malacca nearby Mahkota Parade. Situated a few shop beside Nadeje Crepe Cake shop, Ming Sate Hut serve variety of sate from chicken to pork, intestine to lamb all under one roof.

The sauce is also very unique. Rather than the usual peanut sauce, the sauce in Ming Sate is cook with chunky pineapple that give the sweetness taste of the pineapple.

The chicken satay is nothing to shout about as other stall can simply serve the same standard as theirs.

The intestine sate is very unique indeed. There is no smelly taste or neither it was hard. The intestine was nicely bbq over the charcoal fire. Well, it was my first time eating intestine by way of BBQ...

The pork sate on the other side taste much better than the chicken version.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nancy 's Kitchen

I was invited by a crazy bunch of colluegue to be the judge for WTF Challenge which stands for 'Where's the food'...Each participant are required to search for food that they never taste before and marks will be given based on the food, price, ambience as well as the presentation of the food itself.

Nancy Kitchen is located at Jalan Hang Lekir, which is off Jonker Street....very easy to locate the shop. Once have to queue up as the shoplot was rather small and can accomodate about 30 person at ground floor and another 40 person at upstair.

Among the dishes we order are as follows:

For started we opt for popiah and 1 set of Top Hat (Pie Tie)

For main course we order Pongteh babi, cincalok egg, 4 angle bean and otak otak serve with white steam rice.

The bill come at RM 61.50 which inclusive of 4 drinks.

The popiah and pie tie was extremely well done.

Pongteh babi was nice as well but a little too oily for my liking...

Cincalok egg was normal and turn up to be salty...But that is the way it should be since cincalok is salty in nature.

4 angle bean and otak otak was nothing to shout about.

Overall it was a decent meal....for the price that we pay, it was consider affortable..

Lastly i give the challenger 71 marks out of 100....not that bad after all....

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Formosa@ Sungei Wang Plaza

After the McD Run 2010, we plan to cari makan somewhere nearby KL city. Nicholas suggested Sg Wang since Heather plans on shopping in Sg. Wang after the lunch meetup. Little did we expect that the run actually ended at 10am and all of us are really hungy. The original plan of visiting T-Bowl 'tak jadi' since it opens only on 11am. Thus, we choose the one that opens earliest,Formosa. The menu are rather tempting, with my favourite 'oyster mee sua' in the list.

The mee sua was rather disappointing compared to the one from Shih Lin. But the size of the oysters make up for it.

The mee was really 'so so only' as they were too salty and ordinary with minced meat+soy sauce, bbq sauce etc...

I can't differentiate which mee is with which sauce as they look really alike that Heather mistaken mine for hers.
The price was rather high for such a portion of food as they were not exactly filling. End up, I would rate C for the food, portion and price. The environment wise was still OK, good for a drink and light snacks with friends.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Happy Mid Autumn

Hope everyone enjoy great moon cake while appreciate the round moon tonight...

Happy Mid Autumn to my dearest reader....

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Klang fried mee hoon kuih and curry yee mee

As a Klangite for the past 23 years, I am kinda lousy food seeker in Klang. I really need to depend on my friend on the tasty food in Klang.

Lately, my friend brought me and Nicholas to one unique place that serve fried mee hoon kuih (pan mee) and curry yee mee. I been to the place many time but I didn't know they serve these food. This is because I was always there at night time.

The morning and afternoon stall serve famous noodles and one of the specialties is Fried Mee Hoon Kuih. Thin pieces of Mee Hoon Kuih is well fried with mince pork, vegetable and mushroom and serve with crispy ikan bilis. Basically it was just the same ingredient for soupy mee hoon kuih but it was a 'fried' version. Almost all patrons order a plate of this dish..

The curry yee mee is also not bad. The sweetness of coconut milk blend very well with the spices and 'liu'....Serve with vegetable, fish ball, tou pok, fish cake and char siew, the curry yee mee is something that one cannot miss.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Some Vietnam food we eat

Well, being in Vietnam for 2 weeks, no doubt I have tasted food from 5 star to street food....Well, here come the list of food we tasted...sorry that there is no evidence by way of photograph since most of the time I am dining with some GMs, managers and so on.....sometime it was also unsave to bring camera around to hawker centre because lots of children will be standing beside begging for food!! poor kids..

Street food: Stalls in Ben Thanh Market....we have that everynight for our dinner..

Fastfood : Lotteria

Vietnamese food : Pho 24, Pho 2000 (refer previous post on pho 2000), broken rice

5 stars : Palace (on the way to my phuoc - picture below) and Yeebo (chinese food, in HCMC - sorry no photo..dine with GM)

Breakfast : Lousy hotel breakfast (chicken feet), Vietnamese sandwish - with roasted pork, chilli and lotsa vege, just like subway

If there is something i can recommend in HCMC beside their famous Pho and Grill Pork would be Yeebo Restaurant....During my last meal before we headed home, we were treated with a steamboat gala at Yeebo. The soup of the steamboat consists of chinese water creshnut, snow pear, chinese white cabbage and 2 huge pig bone. Once the soup is boiled, the waitress will remove the bone and cut off meat from the bone and serve it as a side dish. The ingredient for the steamboat is so fresh that the prawn is still jumping when we put it into the boiling broil....Yummy...href="">Yeebo Restaurant

normal scene for dinner at Ben Thanh Market

Steak at pasar malam price at Ben Thanh market

Asparagus seafood soup...taste like sharkfin

Saigon Beer with smelly fish sauce and Vietnam Ajinamoto

Seafood rice in Ben Thanh market

Fried Rice in Ben Thanh market

Cheated!!! Curry Chicken rice but got beef inside also...

Fried mee with gravy

Chicken Pho..from Pho 24

Lala in claypot and soup....not nice, malaysia version 100 times better

Broken rice with pork and prawn....Taste like pork and prawn stir fry with salted fish

Some stall at road site

Some grill stall in Ben Thanh Market....saw prawn jump off from BBQ pit and seller pick up from the road and put back to the pit

Vietnamese yum cha culture

Lotteria Promotion

Bear Bear, probably will make ppl become bear after drink it

Best food ever

Fruit in Vietnam is the best....Sweet...even green banana also damm sweet

Dine at Palace (not sure what the name of the restaurant but local call them palace....Is on the way to My Phuoc before the theme park...not easy to find indeed..Famous among expatriate and rich bosses