Wednesday, 24 June 2009

MD Selera Nasi Kukus (Kuala Terengganu)

Since Kuala Terengganu is popular with its specialty "Nasi Dagang", we decided to try it on a sunny afternoon during our visit to Kuala Terengganu. However, we were later informed that Nasi Dagang is usually served as breakfast or dinner. Hence, we settled down randomly on a stall selling Nasi Kukus (Steamed Rice) which is the evil twin of Nasi Dagang.

The Banner which is also the signboard of the stall

Plentiful of choices ranging from deep fried/curry chicken, fish, whole cuttlefish, beef, fresh vegetables and salted eggs.

Don't the steamed rice look like white "loh mai kai"?? The consistency of the rice is al dente, not too mushy, not too hard...(see how it looks like when its served with the dishes below)

Nasi Kukus with catfish deep fried with sambal (RM 4.50)

This dish is suprisingly yummy although it looks not so appetising. The fish has a layer of caramelised sugar on its super crispy skin which made it sweet and crispy, with a blend of sambal as a finishing touch which adds some spiciness to it.

Nasi Kukus with Fried Chicken (RM 4.50)

This freid chicken is one of the best that i've consumed from any nasi lemak'nasi kukus stall. Although it looks charred outside, but it is actually tenderlicious in the inside. The chicken meat will kinda melt in your mouth without much chewing needed.
Pros: Very fresh ingredients used. Rice is uniquely served. Friendly seller.

Cons: Those who stay in KL need to travel for hours in bus to taste it in Kuala Terengganu

Result: 8.5/10 (it is shy of 9 coz its located soooo far, need to travel very far to have this good stuff again)


nicholascsc said...

ya..indeed very nice...we went there after our redang trip...mayb next time u all travel to some islands like redang, perhentian, maybe can stop by for a short travel at kuala terrengannu.

But nothing much to see, there is the Masjid Kristal, the unique heritage that bring you around the town, etc...

georgetan86 said...

erm.... Kuala Terengganu specialty is nasi DAGANG, not nasi padang, although the different only P got tail and D dont hv...

Eddie Lim said...

Nasi Dagang....nasi padang....both sound confusing...hehe...anyway it was nasi dagang that famous in kuala terengganu...

nice food....just drop by if you are need purposely go so far to taste it....hehe

chuayt said...

opps...sorry misatake..were confused of between nasi dagang and nasi padang, edited the post