Saturday, 26 September 2009

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

It was a hot season again and cold food is dancing in my mind now....ABC, cendol, ice cream and etc.

Talking about ice cream, I love ice cream expecially Haagan Daaz ice cream. Being born in average income family, Haagan Daaz Ice cream is a superior food for me. There is only rare ocassion where I will step into Haagen Daz shop to twist my taste bud with the sensational cold ice cream that meld on your tongue.

Among the parade of ice cream they offer, i personnally fall in love with Mango Sorbet, The Five passionfruit, rum raisin and chocolate. I still can't find the pineapple coconut flavor which I believe I will like it so much.....

No doubt Haagen Daaz Ice Cream is the best ice cream I ever tasted!!

Air Mata Kucing - Petaling Street

What u think off when you are in Petaling Street?

Fake Branded item?
Hot and stuffy environment?
Gangster selling VCD?
Bargain and lotsa bargain?

For me.....i only look for 2 things, Kiew Brother dried meat and Air Mata Kucing...

Air Mata Kucing translated to English would mean Cat's eye drinks. However it was not made out of cat eye but a fruit name mata kucing. The dried mata kucing is specially blend with sweeties that make the drink so refreshing especially during the hot season and long shopping at stuffy Petaling Street.

The stall is very easy to find as it was situated in the middle of cross road of petaling street.

As the weather now is so hot, I am thinking of this slurpy cold Air Mata Kucing!

May King Lam Mee@ Pudu

This restaurant is one of the pioneer of Lam Mee, hence you can expect the most authentic taste when u step in. It will usually be packed with customers, so be prepared to wait for a table, mayb sharing a table if you dont mind.

Dry Curry Noodle
Doesnt look really dry to me, but its really delicious, with the super thick curry and some nice "mihun + hofun"

The ever popular Lam Mee
Well, tasted only so-so, tome....mayb my tongue is already numb after trying the curry noodle

The ingredients are fresh, with tender chicken and pretty good noodles

Believe it or not, if you wanna add one more of this, be prepared to fork out another 30 cents each...haha
Conclusion: Lam mee not up to expectation, dry curry mee is superb...

Pros: Nice and fresh ingredients, quick and efficient service

Cons: Difficult to find a car park due to its location near to the super busy pudu market

Result: 7.8/10

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Restaurant KaMunLau Sdn. Bhd.

I was invited to attend Anne's eldest sister wedding yesterday. It was a nice trip to Kuantan and fun factor days today to be a 'brother' of the groom without any early notice by them. Anyway it was for the fun and to create the environment for such a meaningful wedding day.

The post today is to dedicate the nice food I had yesterday from Restaurant KaMunLau. Anne family, been the host of the night are very generous in the food selection. I bet they can't even recover any monies from the angpow they received...hehe...

The dinner was held there as the hall was actually built by Anne's dad and was now turn into a multipurpose hall with a restaurant that can fit in as many as 100 tables with a huge stage.

Ok, let straight go to the menu which I personally think it was so generous for a host to serve this food.

1. The 5 hot and cold dish. It may turn simple like other restaurant that serve this but let me tell you what they serve. Lobster with honey dew salad, Chicken floss spring roll, pan fried scallop with beans, steamed seiwmai and abalone thai salad.

2. Mini pot shark fin soup

3. Sulking Pig with Glutinous Rice. The Sulking pig is average side with cripsy skin and tender juicy thin layer of meat. The Glutinous rice is fried with ham and char siew.

4. Buddha jump over the wall. The name itself had suggested that it was a nice dishes. Ancient chinese name this dish with such a name as the vegetarian monk can't resist the good smell of this dishes. There is a huge abalone in this soup with fish maw and chicken meat. A piece of sea cucumber is also added. The superior soup is cook with turkey ham. scallop and chicken meat.

5. Steam fish. The fish is very juicy and fresh.

6. Fried longevity noodles.

7. Mochi and chinese wedding pan cake.

8. Sea coconut with lotus seed sweeties.

A very sinful dinner because it make me FAT!.....but really a good meal and enjoy it....Hope the couple happy always.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Strawberry Bing has returns to blogspot to introduce a ALA CARTE Japanese Buffat Restaurant called ZEN JAPANESE RESTAURANT.. This restaurant can by buffat style (available on Sunday 12pm - 2.30pm only) or normal ordering style..
The menu listed are available for buffat only.. Other foods that are out of this menu need to be charge by normal pricing rate.. So, below are the foods that I order in this menu :-

Normal green tea can be drink in every japanese buffat, but you can order cold ocha as well..
Soft egg mixture with some chicken meat and imitate crab meat - NICE
Grill chicken with the teriyaki sauce, is juicy and taste nice.. I had order to 2 set to eat.. - NICE
Prawn fried with tempura flour, dipping with the onion soya sauce.. I just love the prawn only because the tempura flour that had been fried was a lot and easily makes people full.. - ABOVE AVERAGE
Fresh and juicy.. They had soak them with the lemon juice in order to kill the germs hiding inside the sashimi.. Taste nice and still can feel the salmon smell.. MUST TRY
Nothing special but just a fried salmon with some vege.. NICE
5 types of sashimi: Salmon, Tuna, Squirt, others I don't know.. Nice to eat where we can taste the fresh seafood inside our mouth.. NICE
Normally you the stink smell, but this I feel nothing but tasty teriyaki unagi.. Yummy.. - NICE
To nice to eat and I had order 3 set of this.. It is so worth it where normally we eat soft shell crab at a price of RM 12 (approxiamately).. MUST EAT
Spicy soup comes with prawn, carimara, vege, chicken.. I had order a plain soba and pour inside to eat.. Delicious noodle but it taste like Kimchi Ramen.. NICE
Vege with some sashimi come with sour sauce.. Is a good appetiser to have it before start the buffat.. NICE
Sofe shell carbs roll and makimono.. Not really salty and fresh vege enhance the whole set of makimono taste.. MUST EAT
Fresh salmon makes every dishes nice to eat.. MUST EAT
Grilled mushroom has a bit smoke smell and I don't really like it.. Grilled fish, I don't really like it because it is full of eggs inside the fish.. Recommanded to egg fish eater.. Grilled chicken, a high quality satay which 10x nicer than the pasar malam satay.. ABOVE AVERAGE
Actually its contain of 2 pieces of watermelon, winter melon and papaya, but I had customized it..NICE
Actually its contain of 1 scoop of ice cream only, but I had customized it as well.. I think the ice cream is made by themselves.. ABOVE AVERAGE
Finally, price for a head count is RM 63.25 (after tax).. Even is expensive, but I think is worth to have a try.. You might want to come back again..
ADDRESS - OB2-F-U2, Oasis Boulevard 2, Sunway Piramid 46150, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
TEL - 603 - 7492 4922 (reservation)
Foods - 5/5
Environment - 4/5
Services - 4/5
Prices - 4/5
Hygiene - 4/5

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thai Pan Delights @ Kuchai Business Center

This restaurant was featured in one of The Star food clumn, and as a fan of thai food, i decided to give it a try. It is located at the Kuchai Business Center and the area seems quite new, but traffic is quite heavy.

The set up of this cafe is similar to many of the newly set up modern eateries.

Prawn paste fried rice
This tasted quite good, with fragrant rice and some complements to the rice.The barbequed pork strips are quite good despite looking quite high in cholestrol.
Tomyam with Thai Noodle
The boss recommended the thai imported noodle instead of vermicelli. Well, have to admit it is quite an acquired taste.
Pineapple Fried Rice
The prawns are very resh and bursts instantly once chewed. Taste of the fried rice is just above average.
Green Curry Chicken with rice
The green curry is rather disappointing and served in very small portion.
Fried Thai Noodle
This is quite good and resembles our own "char kuey teow". The taste is quite good and less oily than char kuey teow.
Fish Cake
The texture of the dish is quite good and tasted not bad, especially with the sweet & sour chilli sauce
This resembles Nyonya chicken, but the small serving is quite disappointing.
Onde- onde
Well, tasted just average...they hav yam flavor(in purple)
The strips in the cendol looks like french frieds to me
Water Chestnut + Jackfruit
This is a winner, wityh a lot of the red little chestnuts which i adore most...
Pros: Tasted a lot better than Amarin

Cons: Some dishes are quite average, though priced at high side

Result: 7.5/10

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Restaurant Sun Mee Foong, Tanjung Tualang

During the recent visit to Kampar, I have the chance to taste the well known ‘fresh water prawn’ of Tanjung Tualang.

We ended up in Restaurant Sun Mee Foong, which was made famous by food review show in Astro and some famous blogger.

The restaurant is so famous that we are supposed to make reservation before we arrive. As we didn’t do that, we face the consequences of waiting for more than an hour before the first dish was served to us. There are buses of full loaded tourist making a stop for lunch here and caused the restaurant to be jammed up and congested.

A few aquariums full of ‘big head’ prawn are sighted in front of the shop. So after I go for a walk, snapping few photograph and drink cups and cups of tea, we finally able to taste the food there.

First we were serve with Kangkung Belacan…The kangkung was not crunchy and watery and the taste is mediocre for me.

Second the soy sauce fried prawn was served. The prawn was in need juicy, crunchy and fresh. However the soy sauce was just too salty for me. However, everyone like it so much. We call the small prawn as we have 12 people. The boss advice us to take the small prawn as it was sweeter and nicer to be fried.

Third, came the fried sotong. The sotong wasn’t ‘Q’ enough but was superbly crunchy. The thai sweet and spicy sauce add extra kick to the sotong goreng….

Claypot taufu come next. It was just mediocre and there is room for improvement.

Next come the Thai sauce fried fish. The crunchy fish rest below the sweet and spicy sauce is just perfect to be eaten with white rice. Thumb up…thumb up….

Next, the ever famous steam prawn was served. The average size prawn is so fresh and the meat was so tender and juicy. The Chinese liquor make the dishes just perfect for me. The prawn also come with ‘har kao’ that I suck it out from the prawn head. In deed it was high in cholesterol but I couldn’t resist the fresh har kao dripping from the head of the prawn.

After finishing the dishes, we patiently waited for our last dish….We wait and wait…..and after 20 minutes passed, here come the sweet sour sauce steamed fish. I believed the boss have forgotten our order….hehe…By the time the fish was serve, we are actually too tired and too full to really enjoy it. But one word, perfect fish….

The total damage : our of our expectation. Cheap or expensive? You decide.
Fresh prawn 2 dishes (4 kati/2.4kg) - RM 140
Fish for 2 dishes (1.2kg) - RM 40
Claypot Taufu - RM 12
Kangkung - RM 8
Sotong - RM 16
Tea - RM 5
Peanut - RM 3.6
17 bowls of rice - RM 17
Total: RM241.60