Monday, 27 July 2009

Durian fest

Durian season is here….and we are out to look for durian, the king of fruit.

As our objective of our blog is unity through food, it sound so impossible for not posting about this Malaysian favourite food….For some, durian is smelly but for majority of us, we think durian is delicious.

SS 2, Petaling Jaya was one place famous for its durian. There is 3 stalls selling Durian namely the Pahang Durian Stall, Donald Durian Stall and stall. All the stalls offer all you can eat durian buffet costing RM 10.

We choose to settle ourselves at Donald Durian Stall and opt for RM 10 durian fest. One can pay extra RM 10 if wishes to taste D24 durian.

Of course D24 durians are much more delicious compare to the durian kampong. The taste and texture of durian meat was incomparable with the durian kampong.

5 of us eat at least 15 durians and we got ourselves a free D24 durian. The staff is so busy that we ourselves help ourselves with opening the durian using the knife

Monday, 20 July 2009

Pizza Brava @ Asia Cafe

The set up of this "stall" in the food court immeduately caught my attention. The deco is inspired by the Italian theme. The one thing that caught me attention most is the brick oven which is used to cook their pizzas.There are quite a number of varities of pizza and pasta...

I ordered the turkey ham pizza.(RM 16)
The crust is thin and smells quite good

Look at the cheese, they are really serious about their ingredients, not only using the plain cheddar cheese like many mamaks do....
Pros: Thin crust, real mozarella & parmesan cheese

Cons: Priced at the high side, and crust though thin, quite normal....

Result: 5/10

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Cutting an Orange

Orange is one of my favorite fruit and is packed with Vitamin C.
The many ways to enjoy an orange.
1) Cutting it into 6-8 slices, then juice it out using the teeth, leaving the flesh intact to the orange peel to be thrown into the rubbish bin (which i consider as very wasteful)

2) Creating lines on the orange peel, then using a spoon to skin out the orange peel (this is not a practical approach as the flesh might stick to the peel sometimes, resulting in a poorly skinned orange)

3) I discovered a more practical approach to enjoy the orange to the fullest.

First, cut off the top and bottom of the orange as shown:
Then, start to slice off the peel (half first) around the orange
Flip over and continue with the other half till the orange is fully peeled/skinned
This is how it looks like when its nicely peeled using a knife
Leaving you a whole orange to be enjoyed. (The fiber/flesh of the orange is not wasted and is actually good for your digestive system.)


John King@ The Pavilion

This Egg Tart Stall seems like the oriental version of J.Co/Big Apple, instead of Donuts, they sell Egg Tarts.

There are many varieties of tarts, flavors ranging from red bean, chocolate, steamed egg white,and the authentic yellow egg tart. (RM 1.80++)

The Egg White tart seems pale compared to the yellow egg tart, it tasted rather bland, but the outer layer of the tart is very fluffy and aromatic.

This authentic egg tart is the show stopper, with its fluffy outer layer and the texture of the inside which tasted like jelly.

Look at the texture in the inside, really feels like jelly.
Pros: Very fluffy and aromatic outer layer, Different types of flavors

Cons: The jelly-like texture does not appeal to me, and id prefer the ones sold at roadside stalls, where you will get a more tangible texture feeling from it.

Result: 5.5/10

Pasta Mania @ The Pavilion

Since its the Malaysian Mega Sale season, i went to Isetan@Bukit Bintang to hunt for good bargains for clothings. However, ended up in The Pavillion after hours of shopping spree. However, the result of hours of shopping almost burnt a hole in my wallet. Hence, the search for affordable food at The Pavillion Food Center came naturally.

Saw this Restaurant a year ago, but didnt step in till NOW....
The decoration seems pretty decent and not too fancy.

PastaMania, they do hav take out orders which gives a pretty good bang for your bucks..However, the take out sets are not available for Dine-In patrons..

This is considered a set, and costs RM 5.90-includes a beverage(soft drink/lemon tea) and the soup of the day.

This Chicken soup seems normal when its served, but the first taste left a significant impact to my taste buds...It practically consist the taste of chicken soup + cheese in it, with a healthy serving of tender chicken slices...YUMMY

Baked Pasta in Cheese, Specialty Cream and Vegetables (RM 8.90)
This tasted not bad though, but is not on par with Pasta De Gohan. It would taste better without the vegetables in it, which also enables them to save the additional costs too.

Pro: Priced pretty decent at such a prime location, good bargains(only on weekdays), and student gets 30% discount(also on weekdays)

Cons: Customer service is average, the baked pasta with cheese can do without Vegetables(feels very strange) haha...

Conclusion: 6.8/10

Monday, 13 July 2009

Restoran Loi Fatt

I have been frequenting this restaurant since few years ago, and is hooked to its dishes since then..Although the ambiance of this restaurant is more like a kampung styled eatery, the food they served are on par with many popular restaurants in KL.

This is the signboard of the restaurant, theres a new one called loi fatt baru just beside of it, but i prefer the taste of the original loi fatt.

A freshly deep fried gigantic spring roll/meat loaf stuffed with pork and some other ingredients(not sure coz cant identify, but can surely taste how good it is)

Fried Tofu in thick vegetable based gravy
This is one of the best dish that they offer. smells great and tasted evn greater....espcially when its piping hot.

Kangkung in Belachan
This tasted much better compared to Jimmy and Nong. Kangkung is fresh and crunchy while the taste and proportion of belachan is spot on.

Asam/Tomyam Steamed Fish
The Asam paste and the vegetables that go with it complements the fish. The taste of sour, spicy and sweet is nicely combined.

The grand finale- Sweet and sour Crab
This is the best sweet and sour crab i've ever tasted, no doubt about that. the gravy is soooo thick and tasted very pungent, thanks to the varieties of spices and sauces in it.

Salted Egg Crab
This dish caught us by suprise, coz we did not expect that a salted egg crab will be served wet, coz normally, they are served dry. However, it tasted quite unique with a tinge of "lai yau har" and salted egg combination.
Total price: RM 138.50

Pros: Rare dish, nicely cooked with sufficient ingredients added to the dishes

Cons: Priced a lil bit above average, for instance, the two crabs costs 63 ringgit

Result: 7.7/10

Address: 168, 9th Mile, N/V, Cheras, Selangor.
Tel: 03-90758035

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Marco Polo Weekend buffet

It have been a while that I do not meet up with my ex-colleague of BDO until lately. Since we are all big eaters and wanted something worth our money, we decided to go to Marco polo restaurant at Wisma Lim Foo Yong to try out its dim sum buffet.

The price of the buffet is RM 36++

There is variety of food besides from dim sum served in this buffet. Just look at the spread on buffet table.

Sashimi and Japanese corner

Chinese food



Fruit and salad

Ala-carte noodles

And of course dim sum

As this is a buffet, I do not expect that it can satisfy my tongue. But how wrong am I. the food served is tasty and unique. However the dim sum was not up to par. The congee seems to be everyone favourite. As for me, I think the chee chong fun was nice.

Besides that, the buffet serves very unique and weird food such as Rambutan and banana. This is my very first time to encounter a restaurant serving Rambutan in a buffet.

Conclusion, it was a good place to have gathering and catch up with long lost friend. One can spend as long as 3 hours (11am to 2pm) to eat and chat!!! The restaurant environment is cosy and well decorated.

If Marco Polo is to be compared with Noble House, I believe I will choose Marco polo as the food here is tastier, cheaper and fresher (Peng Leng Ceng). However Noble House have better environment, more choices of food and better services.

Rating: 4 stars