Sunday, 22 November 2009

3 hooligans @ Out of Africa

One fine Saturday evening, 3 hooligans ventured to Petaling Jaya to search for wild & exotic food...

Lo and behold....

Here is where we satisfied our EXOTIC tastebuds...

Vegetarians will not like to hear this...

We managed to hunt down a few tasty meat!!

Baked Cheese Ostrich

This dish was a dissapointment as the cheese did not go well with the ostrich meat. Too much batter was used to fry the fillet. The meat tasted quite bland. Maybe the ostrich did too much exercise...Or maybe we Malaysians are more familiar with KFC...*slurpp

On the plus side, the mash potatoes tasted GOOD! =P


Grilled Seafood Platter

Ahh..looks like something from the Manhattan's Fish Market right?

You know what?? They really do taste better @ Manhattan's Fish Market ...

Probably due to the reason that they do not have much seafood in Africa.

It was not bad. The seafood were very fresh. As you can see, 3 mussels, 3 prawns, we could evenly divide the portion for 3 persons.

It also came with side dishes (as seen in the picture below)

CHIPS!!! (My favourite!!)

And of course the boiled carrots rich in beta-carotene & the green vege cooked African-style which tasted like...vege..of course..*Grins

Now, the BEST meat of the night...

Zuri Duck *Yummy

Voted as Best tasting meat of the night by all 3 of us!! But the selection of RICE as the side dish was really OUT la!!! I personally insisted on CHIPS!! But...but...I had no one to support my vote :( 2:1 for rice...Gosh..

Anyway, meat-lovers should really try this dish! Not only was the meat tender and juicy, but the grapes gave it a very UNIQUE taste!!! We all loved this!!!

Last but not least...

We decided to add one more order as our appetite for exotic meat was not quite satisfied.

And here we got our SURPRISE!!!

Venison Pie

We waited quite a while for this dish as it was a last minute decision. But the wait was well worth it!!

Look at it!! It not only looked good and smelled good!! Take note of the detailed sides of the crust and how the effort was taken to shape the crust and not just leave it plain...

Let's take a peep inside...

Would you just look at that??!!

The smell was heavenly!!!

The gravy in there tasted so wonderful with the CHIPS!!!

The venison meat in there was tender, juicy, and cooked just nice!!!

The crust, as you can see, is not too thick that it totally kills your appetite, but baked to perfection...


Ooohhh hmmm....We 3 hooligans were satisfied tonight....

Definitely worth a try!!!

Especially when this quaint little place has been in existence for many years already.

There must be more good food we did not get a chance to taste on the menu.

There was an alchoholic drink by the name of "White Elephant" (something like that) which none of us dared to try!! Just in case it got out of hand...*Wink