Saturday, 27 June 2009

Resort Cafe (Resort Hotel@Genting Highland)

This buffet breakfast was included in the package for hotel room in Resort Hotel. It surpassed my expectation to the point of no return. My 3 hours spent there as a very happy man has resulted in me gobbling almost all of the dishes offered, which is catastrophic to my diet. However, i have no regrets due to all the fresh and many varieties of dishes offered by Resort Cafe.

The entrance to a world of wonders

The ambiance is quite classy with some touch of elegance to it. Lucky me, i found a table next to the window which oversees the nice morning dew of Genting Highland

Freshly baked breads, looks hard outside, but soft and fluffy in the inside

The Varieties of Cereals and Cakes offered

This is my first time savouring bread pudding. It tastes suprisingly nice, with a touch of sweetness to the pudding which hides beneath every slice of bread.

Just look at the varieties of dishes offered. Picture tells a million/gaziliion words

Banjo eggs cooked in front of your eyes and served immediately

Scrambled eggs are nicely cooked, the texture of the scrambled eggs are just nice.

Indian Cuisine - Roti prata (with very concentrated dhal), scrambled eggs and Masala vegetables

Asian Cuisine - Fried Rice, Fried "lo shee fun", Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rendang, Banjo egg and Spring Rolls.

Asian Cuisine - Chicken Congee with a couple of mini paos

Western Cuisine - French Fries, Baked beans, Garden Salad, Hotdog and Ham

Fresh fruits for dessert - The Red watermelon tastes soo sweet

The best way to end this food trip would be a nice cuppa of teh tarik and some slices of cakes, while looking out to the vast forest of the highland.

Pros: Food served very fresh, Empty plates are cleared almost immediately, many varieties of fresh dishes, nice ambiance in the cafe, and a nice view

Cons: Can't think of any....

Result: 9.5/10 (really must give it a try if you happen to stay in resorts hotel)

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Eddie Lim said...

Always stay in genting's hotel without breakfast provided...the best breakfast is always hotel breakfast as it always serve plenty of food....yummy...