Sunday, 30 January 2011

Yee Sang - Info

Name :
Yee Sang
Loh Sang
Loh Hei

Fishermen along the coast of Guangzhou traditionally celebrated Renri, the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, by feasting on their catches.[1] The practice of eating raw fish in thinly sliced strips can be traced back to ancient China through the raw fish or meat dish known as Kuai (膾, kuài). However the present form of yusheng is believed to have started in Chaozhou and Shantou as far back as the Southern Song Dynasty[citation needed] In Malaya's colonial past, migrants imported this tradition; porridge stalls sold a raw fish dish which is believed to have originated in Jiangmen, Guangdong province that consisted of fish, turnip and carrot strips, which was served with condiments of oil, vinegar and sugar that were mixed in by customers. (wikipedia)

Raw fish / Abalone / Jelly Fish
White Radish
Chili / Pepper
Picked ginger
Pamelo pulp
Chinese Parsley
Crispy prawn cracker
Plum / Sweet sour sauce

Toast using chopstick with auspicious wishing such as 'Nian Nian You Yu', and 'Pu Pu Kao Sen'. But modern word such as 'Good Bonus', 'Hit jackpot' seem to join in the toasting nowadays...

Best time to eat:
7th Day of CNY. Ren Ri (Human Day)
Picture of loh sang taken from Restaurant Happy Family, Setia Alam

Sunday, 23 January 2011

T Cafe aka Lord Cafe, Tanah Rata Cameron Highland

Situated above Marrybrown Restaurant in Tanah Rata is Lord Cafe, more popular known as T cafe. That is our very first place to have our meal once we arrive Cameron Highland.

T cafe serve good scone and good place for enjoy a cup of tea.

As we arrive about 3pm in the afternoon, the cafe was quite and there weren't much customer inside. This cafe had been heavily popularise by a lot of foodies and blogger that i do not need to mention much...

Lets straight go to the food then...

Cream scone (RM 2.50)
One word....Best...

Strawberry scone(RM 2.80)
Yummy, but i still think cream scone is the best

Strawberry crepe (RM3.80)
The pancake is just too bland for my taste bud

Apple pie (RM 3.60, or RM 5.00 with vanilla ice cream)
It was Ok. Wasn't too sweet but the pastry is just too dry...

I was craving for chicken pie since they promoting it so badly all over the cafe but sadly it was fully sold out.

Well, the next time I am craving for scone, i know where I am heading too....haha...ok, maybe it was a bit too far....But if I were in Cameron, i believe this is a place I wouldn't want to miss....

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Strawberry Moment

I went up to Cameron with my crazy bunch of colleague to relax and have a mabuk session together...*toik***

and talking about Cameron, the first things that come to most people mind would be Strawberry.....and there is weird things about strawberry.....which open for argument...

Is Strawberry sweet or sour? Well, I argue a lot with my colleague about this issue that I feel that I spend more time in arguing than enjoying strawberry...

Anyway, one place not to be missed if you guys visit Cameron Highland would be a cafe name 'Strawberry moment'. The name clearly tell you what to expect from the cafe....Yes, sweet moment with strawberry....

Among the famous dessert would be 'strawberry strudel', strawberry chocolate and strawberry juice. Well, to know more about the cafe and menu, you can log on to their website

Here is what we order:
First visit: Strawberry strudel, strawberry juice, fresh combo fruit yogurt, *forgotten desert name*

Second visit we have blueberry strudel and strawberry ice-cream.

Besides dessert they also serve food such as pasta and soup. One of my colleague order the mushroom soup but it turn up to be overx10 salted. No matter how much hot water requested, the soup still taste salty...

The shop is connected to a souvenir shop beside where tourist can purchase strawberry product such as jam, chocolate, strawberry coffee and so on as gift to friend and family.

For those who have sweet tooth like me, well, u guys gotta love it. Sadly I been there twice with full stomach, thus cannot really enjoy the dessert....Dessert should be serve first next time!!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Formosa Chicken Rice

I went to Malacca again on Christmas with bunch of crazy fella as I was craving for chicken rice ball. After a horrible jam in Malacca town, i almost fainted to see such a long queue in the famous jonker street chicken rice ball. Since my stomach is drumming very badly, we decided to drop off at Formosa instead.

Formosa being very much commercialised compare to other chicken rice around the town, offer wider range of food and drinks. The price is of course at a higher side compare to other stall in Malacca.

We order the famous steam chicken and rice ball, char siew, siew yok, wanton soup, chicken feet salad, and taugeh.

The chicken is tender and juicy but i tasted better steam chicken before.
The rice ball is so compact that it doesn't seem to be made out of rice. It feel like eating a dough thought.
The wanton soup is not to my liking as the wanton is small and the broth wasn't taste good. To me is merely a 3/10.

The cold chicken feet salad is also not to my liking. The cold chicken feet taste awful and got some smell on it.
The taugeh is good, but i still craving for Ipoh chicken rice taugeh.

Char Siew and Siew Yok is above average but not the best I have ever tasted.

Overall, it was just a decent lunch as I am super hungry at that moment. However, it does not satisfy my craving for Chicken Rice Ball....

Overall rating - 4/10

Friday, 7 January 2011

Pun Chun Restaurant, Bidor

Knock knock knock....

Is 2011..............

and to kick start my new year, I went to Cameron Highland with a bunch of crazy colleague....On the journey from KL to Cameron, we stop by at Bidor, for its ever famous Duck noodles.

Among the few famous shop, we decided to settle down at Pun Chun restaurant although they have a branch in Klang Valley nowadays.

Pun Chun is famous for its Duck noodles and Woo Kok (Fried Yam filled with char siew). Most of the patron are local who stop by for a plate of wan tan mee. Since our mission is Duck noodles, we order 4 plate of noodles and 5 woo kok to be share by 5 person.

The duck noodles cost RM 6.80 which come with a plate of noodles with dark soy sauce and a bowl of steamy hot duck soup. The duck soup is cook using various herb and it taste like normal Chinese chicken herbal soup. The duck is surprisingly tender and juicy after hours of cooking. The noodles is springy but is just OK for my liking....Sorry, I am not a 'wan tan mee' person...hehe

The woo kok is extremely good....I could say one of the best i ever tasted. The yam was smooth and the char siew blend very well with the pastry....yummy....Thumb up...I will definitely stop over again the next time I pass by Bidor...

***by the way, the auntie selling the duck noodles are quite unfriendly though....