Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Restaurant Sg Yu Baru - Bukit Tinggi Klang

After hearing some rumour that the newly open restaurant offer tasty food and cheap price, I finally manage to squeeze my time to taste it.

The restaurant that I am talking about is Restaurant Sg Yu in Bukit Tinggi Klang. It was easy to find. The landmark will be Public Bank Bukit Tinggi and Giant Hypermarket.

Just see the how many people is waiting to be seated. People are quarrelling to get seated too. How ugly the scenario at that moment!

Ok, long story cut short. Here was we order.

Signature dish of Tau Fu Kang (Crabmeat beancurd soup) - It taste good but not the perfect one that I ever tasted. The price tag for medium portion is RM 16 which was quite pricy if compare to other restaurant.

Mango Chicken - RM 16 (medium). Nothing to shout about as I have tasted much better mango chicken in other places.

Steamed Lala - RM 13 (medium). The price tag was surprisingly cheap as I was expecting that this would be the most expensive dish we have ordered. The taste was OK but I still prefer the one I eat in Lala Chong Restaurant. Somehow I feel something is missing from this dish. Maybe some chinese liquor can enhance the taste.

Mei Xiang Mantis Prawn - RM 16 (medium). The mantis prawn was fried into crunchy chunk and cook with mei xiang sauce, a combination of sweet and sour thai sause with sesame. I like the taste very much but it was spoilt by the over crunchy mantis prawn.

Total burn: RM 72 (with rice and tea for 4 person)

Verdict: Long queue, taste is above average but not perfect, pricy and

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