Sunday, 20 September 2009

Restaurant KaMunLau Sdn. Bhd.

I was invited to attend Anne's eldest sister wedding yesterday. It was a nice trip to Kuantan and fun factor days today to be a 'brother' of the groom without any early notice by them. Anyway it was for the fun and to create the environment for such a meaningful wedding day.

The post today is to dedicate the nice food I had yesterday from Restaurant KaMunLau. Anne family, been the host of the night are very generous in the food selection. I bet they can't even recover any monies from the angpow they received...hehe...

The dinner was held there as the hall was actually built by Anne's dad and was now turn into a multipurpose hall with a restaurant that can fit in as many as 100 tables with a huge stage.

Ok, let straight go to the menu which I personally think it was so generous for a host to serve this food.

1. The 5 hot and cold dish. It may turn simple like other restaurant that serve this but let me tell you what they serve. Lobster with honey dew salad, Chicken floss spring roll, pan fried scallop with beans, steamed seiwmai and abalone thai salad.

2. Mini pot shark fin soup

3. Sulking Pig with Glutinous Rice. The Sulking pig is average side with cripsy skin and tender juicy thin layer of meat. The Glutinous rice is fried with ham and char siew.

4. Buddha jump over the wall. The name itself had suggested that it was a nice dishes. Ancient chinese name this dish with such a name as the vegetarian monk can't resist the good smell of this dishes. There is a huge abalone in this soup with fish maw and chicken meat. A piece of sea cucumber is also added. The superior soup is cook with turkey ham. scallop and chicken meat.

5. Steam fish. The fish is very juicy and fresh.

6. Fried longevity noodles.

7. Mochi and chinese wedding pan cake.

8. Sea coconut with lotus seed sweeties.

A very sinful dinner because it make me FAT!.....but really a good meal and enjoy it....Hope the couple happy always.

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