Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thai Pan Delights @ Kuchai Business Center

This restaurant was featured in one of The Star food clumn, and as a fan of thai food, i decided to give it a try. It is located at the Kuchai Business Center and the area seems quite new, but traffic is quite heavy.

The set up of this cafe is similar to many of the newly set up modern eateries.

Prawn paste fried rice
This tasted quite good, with fragrant rice and some complements to the rice.The barbequed pork strips are quite good despite looking quite high in cholestrol.
Tomyam with Thai Noodle
The boss recommended the thai imported noodle instead of vermicelli. Well, have to admit it is quite an acquired taste.
Pineapple Fried Rice
The prawns are very resh and bursts instantly once chewed. Taste of the fried rice is just above average.
Green Curry Chicken with rice
The green curry is rather disappointing and served in very small portion.
Fried Thai Noodle
This is quite good and resembles our own "char kuey teow". The taste is quite good and less oily than char kuey teow.
Fish Cake
The texture of the dish is quite good and tasted not bad, especially with the sweet & sour chilli sauce
This resembles Nyonya chicken, but the small serving is quite disappointing.
Onde- onde
Well, tasted just average...they hav yam flavor(in purple)
The strips in the cendol looks like french frieds to me
Water Chestnut + Jackfruit
This is a winner, wityh a lot of the red little chestnuts which i adore most...
Pros: Tasted a lot better than Amarin

Cons: Some dishes are quite average, though priced at high side

Result: 7.5/10

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