Saturday, 26 September 2009

Air Mata Kucing - Petaling Street

What u think off when you are in Petaling Street?

Fake Branded item?
Hot and stuffy environment?
Gangster selling VCD?
Bargain and lotsa bargain?

For me.....i only look for 2 things, Kiew Brother dried meat and Air Mata Kucing...

Air Mata Kucing translated to English would mean Cat's eye drinks. However it was not made out of cat eye but a fruit name mata kucing. The dried mata kucing is specially blend with sweeties that make the drink so refreshing especially during the hot season and long shopping at stuffy Petaling Street.

The stall is very easy to find as it was situated in the middle of cross road of petaling street.

As the weather now is so hot, I am thinking of this slurpy cold Air Mata Kucing!

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