Saturday, 26 September 2009

May King Lam Mee@ Pudu

This restaurant is one of the pioneer of Lam Mee, hence you can expect the most authentic taste when u step in. It will usually be packed with customers, so be prepared to wait for a table, mayb sharing a table if you dont mind.

Dry Curry Noodle
Doesnt look really dry to me, but its really delicious, with the super thick curry and some nice "mihun + hofun"

The ever popular Lam Mee
Well, tasted only so-so, tome....mayb my tongue is already numb after trying the curry noodle

The ingredients are fresh, with tender chicken and pretty good noodles

Believe it or not, if you wanna add one more of this, be prepared to fork out another 30 cents each...haha
Conclusion: Lam mee not up to expectation, dry curry mee is superb...

Pros: Nice and fresh ingredients, quick and efficient service

Cons: Difficult to find a car park due to its location near to the super busy pudu market

Result: 7.8/10

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