Monday, 7 September 2009

A year ago

A year ago, I realize that my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. Well, I put the blame on my eating habits as well as our multiracial country for offering us a gazillion of food different varities from authentic to fusion.

I decided that rather than wasting all the food I eat which made my tummy larger, I rather put in into wordings to recommend good food as well as criticise the poor quality of restaurateur in the country.

A year have pass and I am happy that some of my close friend and some loyal reader has always tune into this blog as a guide to good food.

We, the Harkausiewmai.blogspot kaki strike to improve our blog despite our busy schedule. We are happy to have new kaki in our blog although some had yet to conribute any posting yet. I understand we all are busy and will continue busy for days and months to come. But the flame in search for good food will always burn in all of us.

I thank all the reader for being supportive...whilst providing us with feedbacks.

We promise good food....more posting and more user friendly feature in the future...


Happy Birthday

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