Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Restaurant Sun Mee Foong, Tanjung Tualang

During the recent visit to Kampar, I have the chance to taste the well known ‘fresh water prawn’ of Tanjung Tualang.

We ended up in Restaurant Sun Mee Foong, which was made famous by food review show in Astro and some famous blogger.

The restaurant is so famous that we are supposed to make reservation before we arrive. As we didn’t do that, we face the consequences of waiting for more than an hour before the first dish was served to us. There are buses of full loaded tourist making a stop for lunch here and caused the restaurant to be jammed up and congested.

A few aquariums full of ‘big head’ prawn are sighted in front of the shop. So after I go for a walk, snapping few photograph and drink cups and cups of tea, we finally able to taste the food there.

First we were serve with Kangkung Belacan…The kangkung was not crunchy and watery and the taste is mediocre for me.

Second the soy sauce fried prawn was served. The prawn was in need juicy, crunchy and fresh. However the soy sauce was just too salty for me. However, everyone like it so much. We call the small prawn as we have 12 people. The boss advice us to take the small prawn as it was sweeter and nicer to be fried.

Third, came the fried sotong. The sotong wasn’t ‘Q’ enough but was superbly crunchy. The thai sweet and spicy sauce add extra kick to the sotong goreng….

Claypot taufu come next. It was just mediocre and there is room for improvement.

Next come the Thai sauce fried fish. The crunchy fish rest below the sweet and spicy sauce is just perfect to be eaten with white rice. Thumb up…thumb up….

Next, the ever famous steam prawn was served. The average size prawn is so fresh and the meat was so tender and juicy. The Chinese liquor make the dishes just perfect for me. The prawn also come with ‘har kao’ that I suck it out from the prawn head. In deed it was high in cholesterol but I couldn’t resist the fresh har kao dripping from the head of the prawn.

After finishing the dishes, we patiently waited for our last dish….We wait and wait…..and after 20 minutes passed, here come the sweet sour sauce steamed fish. I believed the boss have forgotten our order….hehe…By the time the fish was serve, we are actually too tired and too full to really enjoy it. But one word, perfect fish….

The total damage : our of our expectation. Cheap or expensive? You decide.
Fresh prawn 2 dishes (4 kati/2.4kg) - RM 140
Fish for 2 dishes (1.2kg) - RM 40
Claypot Taufu - RM 12
Kangkung - RM 8
Sotong - RM 16
Tea - RM 5
Peanut - RM 3.6
17 bowls of rice - RM 17
Total: RM241.60

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