Saturday, 29 August 2009

Broga Grill Fish

After a tiring climb of Broga Hill, we decided to eat at one of the most famous Pan Mee but was badly disappointed because the stall is not open.

I called Fang Ching, who study in Nottingham to usher me to another famous food around Broga which is the Broga Grilled Fish. So we headed to the place. The restaurant was very isolated and difficult to find but help from local residence can ease your way there...

We order Talapia fish with extra hot, talapia soy sause steam, spicy brinjal and drunken chicken.

The talapia fish was fresh but the extra hot wasn't that hot anyway

The soy sause steam is a turndown as it was just salty and nothing else

Spicy brinjal is also normal and salty

The best of all should be the drunken chicken which is soupy and refreshing...

Overall the food was a disappointment for me and not worth the long traveling. But I fall in love with the farming village that I end up sitting there enjoying the scenery for hours

oh, by the way...all the food is cook using coal....not gas!!!

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