Monday, 6 July 2009

Krispy Kreme @ Berjaya Times Square

I got to know Krispy Kreme from the newspaper where a student won a one year supply donuts in conjunction with its grand opening in Malaysia.
Gave it a try to compare its difference to J.Co Donuts and Big Apple

The queue was not very long but the order taking system by the waiter/waitresses is a havoc. The varieties and presentation of the donuts are not as attractive as J.Co. At first I wanted to purchase and take away 3 donuts for tasting purposes. However, the waitress does not seem to be happy and grumbled that i should take few more to fill in the 1/2 dozen package. Hence, i surrendered to it and chose 3 more flavors.

The price for each donut is actually much higher than J.Co's donuts while the texture of its donut is on the hard side, whereas J.Co donuts are softer/fluffy.

The presentation of the donuts are very plain
Flavors:(As i remember)

1) Strawberry Flavor
Tasted very artificial with strawberry jam, i prefer J.Co's which comes with strawberry cream.

2) Peanut Butter + Chocolate
Not impressive although the peanut butter is quite rich

3) Cheese Flavor
Very normal, not impressive

Pros: Brand Name (Made in USA)

Cons: Poor customer service, not friendly waitress, donuts are plain simple and tasted very average

Result: 4/10 (customer service is my main concern, hence the score)

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