Tuesday, 7 July 2009

J Co Donut...

J Co Donut was one shop that transform the donut industries. No doubt Dunkin Donut arrived in Malaysia much earlier, J Co seem to be able to capture the youngster and even the adult market. When J Co donut open its store in Pavilion, people are queuing up for hours just for a dozen of donut...

I was once crazy about J Co that I spent almost everyweek in Pavilion just to queue up for this special Donut.

Some of the donut that worth trying are:

Heaven Berry - fluffy donut with creamy strawberry cream. It is sweetness is just accurately covers its sourness of strawberry...Perfect!

Mona Lisa - First salty donut I ever try. Donut with sausage and cheese with nice tomato sauce. Lovely!

Miss Green T - The green color look awful on donut but the aromatic sweety green tea donut is something you can't say No - Heavenly

Why Nut - Peanut butter with white chocolate...Sound weird? Once you try, you want more - Seductive!

Mango Tango - I love Mango and I feel I want more - Sexy!

Blueberry - Sweet, sour and sweet again...That the taste of blueberry donut - Pretty!

Hazel Dazzle - Sweet chocholate with hazulnut, yummy yummy - Delightful!

Da vin Cheez - Sorry, but I hate garlic and cheeze on fluffy donut. You may like it - Exotic!!!

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