Sunday, 19 July 2009

Pasta Mania @ The Pavilion

Since its the Malaysian Mega Sale season, i went to Isetan@Bukit Bintang to hunt for good bargains for clothings. However, ended up in The Pavillion after hours of shopping spree. However, the result of hours of shopping almost burnt a hole in my wallet. Hence, the search for affordable food at The Pavillion Food Center came naturally.

Saw this Restaurant a year ago, but didnt step in till NOW....
The decoration seems pretty decent and not too fancy.

PastaMania, they do hav take out orders which gives a pretty good bang for your bucks..However, the take out sets are not available for Dine-In patrons..

This is considered a set, and costs RM 5.90-includes a beverage(soft drink/lemon tea) and the soup of the day.

This Chicken soup seems normal when its served, but the first taste left a significant impact to my taste buds...It practically consist the taste of chicken soup + cheese in it, with a healthy serving of tender chicken slices...YUMMY

Baked Pasta in Cheese, Specialty Cream and Vegetables (RM 8.90)
This tasted not bad though, but is not on par with Pasta De Gohan. It would taste better without the vegetables in it, which also enables them to save the additional costs too.

Pro: Priced pretty decent at such a prime location, good bargains(only on weekdays), and student gets 30% discount(also on weekdays)

Cons: Customer service is average, the baked pasta with cheese can do without Vegetables(feels very strange) haha...

Conclusion: 6.8/10

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Eddie Lim said...

I remember i waited for an hour for my pasta......customer service really not up to the standard and the taste was quite bland during my visit...

but price is ok....i hope the food taste do improve since my last visit!!!