Sunday, 19 July 2009

John King@ The Pavilion

This Egg Tart Stall seems like the oriental version of J.Co/Big Apple, instead of Donuts, they sell Egg Tarts.

There are many varieties of tarts, flavors ranging from red bean, chocolate, steamed egg white,and the authentic yellow egg tart. (RM 1.80++)

The Egg White tart seems pale compared to the yellow egg tart, it tasted rather bland, but the outer layer of the tart is very fluffy and aromatic.

This authentic egg tart is the show stopper, with its fluffy outer layer and the texture of the inside which tasted like jelly.

Look at the texture in the inside, really feels like jelly.
Pros: Very fluffy and aromatic outer layer, Different types of flavors

Cons: The jelly-like texture does not appeal to me, and id prefer the ones sold at roadside stalls, where you will get a more tangible texture feeling from it.

Result: 5.5/10

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