Monday, 27 July 2009

Durian fest

Durian season is here….and we are out to look for durian, the king of fruit.

As our objective of our blog is unity through food, it sound so impossible for not posting about this Malaysian favourite food….For some, durian is smelly but for majority of us, we think durian is delicious.

SS 2, Petaling Jaya was one place famous for its durian. There is 3 stalls selling Durian namely the Pahang Durian Stall, Donald Durian Stall and stall. All the stalls offer all you can eat durian buffet costing RM 10.

We choose to settle ourselves at Donald Durian Stall and opt for RM 10 durian fest. One can pay extra RM 10 if wishes to taste D24 durian.

Of course D24 durians are much more delicious compare to the durian kampong. The taste and texture of durian meat was incomparable with the durian kampong.

5 of us eat at least 15 durians and we got ourselves a free D24 durian. The staff is so busy that we ourselves help ourselves with opening the durian using the knife

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